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My niece!!!

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Finally got a few pics emailed to me(since I forgot my camera)

I can not wait to see her again Sunday!!!

Mekenna and I

My kids and Mekenna(notice her headband!)

LOL, her chubby cheeks!! And that 'lil hat, I bought her

One more pic
Her hair is so pretty! It really looks like it has been hi lighted lol

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She is very Cute
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awww too cute!
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Oh she's precious!!! I love the hair!!!!
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Aww! What a babydoll!

She's precious!
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What a beauty!
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She is adorable!
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Oh my HEART She is precious
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she's adorable!
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Oh, that's a darlin' there.
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O my, she is so precious! I love that hair u are right it does look like some highlights She is just so precious
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