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Advice on going from 1 queen cat to 2 cats

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Hi I'm new to this site and the forums. I'm very impressed with the variety of topics, and the amount of info here. GOOD JOB!
I just adopted a cat, 7 mo male, Gideon. My home already consists of one 2 year old female, Spooky. I've had her since she was 7 weeks. Shes only socialized with other cats occasionally, and then just because we were visiting relatives. I was wondering if any of ya'll had some insight into how to go introducing these two. Especially if you've done this and survived. I know that theres going to be some posturing and competition for top cat. I just want to keep everyone safe. And hopefully keep my nerves from completely unraveling.
Thanks to all who reply.
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I can only share with you what has worked for me. I have 29 cats, and no, I am not nuts, I just rescue them. LOL Anyway, the best thing to do if you can financially swing it, is to go and buy a big metal cage, one big enough for a large breed dog. Place this cage in the room that gets the most traffic. Mine is in the living room. Put the newcomer inside with litterbox, food, you know the drill, but fill the cage with old blankets, rags, towels, whatever you can for her to sleep on. Initially provide for your newcomer a place to hide- such as an inverted cardboard box with a hole in it, inside the cage. So if Spooky starts to be threatening, Gideon can hide inside. Once kitty has been in the cage for about a week, take out the bedding and put Spooky's bedding inside, and pile Gideon's bedding in the place where Spooky lays. (This gets them really used to each other scents) You will have hissing, spitting, maybe some spraying during this adjustment period, but usually within 2 weeks the door can be opened and kitty can join the family. If you don't have a cage, then put Gideon in another room where Spooky can't get to him. Good luck, one cat is nice, but two is definitely better! *G*
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Welcome Rosie!

I'm moving this to the behavior forum where it should get more replies.

You may also want to run a search on the words "introducing" and "new cat". There's a search button in the row of buttons at the top of the page.

Glad you joined us!
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I have always had a multiple cat household. I have never had to do anything to get them to adjust. I let them spit and hiss at each other and within two to three days they are fine.
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I just got a new kitten 2 weeks ago and went through the whole "introducing" thing with my one year old female. I can't say it was easy...actually my older cat is still pretty upset about the whole "new kitten" thing...she beats the little guy up all the time!!! First... I tried putting the new kitten in a large carrier and letting my older cat approach and check him out...it didn't work very well for me. They both were hissing and growling and the little kitten stressed himself out and was howling and hissing for an hour. After that, I decided to keep them in seperate rooms and slowly let them see each other for short periods of time..that worked better for me. I think it depends on your cats... some cats just get along and others will just tolerate each other at best. good luck
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