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All we can do is wonder...

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For now at least

Some of you know about my Dog, Bonnies, get-away 18 Days ago... Of course its to early to tell if shes carrying right now but I gotta wonder...

Im in my PJs right now and for some odd reason my Mom took a Shower and got dressed ((its 11pm)). So Bonnie was paitantly (sp?) sitting by the front door... an obvious sign she wanted out.. but the chain was in the Yard ((its usually right at the front door)) and its Snowing so I made my mom, who is fully dressed, go out and get the Leash... coming back in only to find out Bonnie never wanted out.. she just wanted attention from my mom

So my mom pet her then went to the kitchen.. Bonnie followed so my mom pet her again.. now Bonnie is a LOVER of belly rubs! but for some reason when my mom went to rub her stomach Bonnie panicked, backed away and layed down on her tummy.. very unusual way for her to act ((she acted the same way with me last night)).
Then my mom was like "Bonnie's acting very weird.. last night she was sick, shes been sleeping a lot and her Food Dish is always empty lately" and thats when the thought went through my head and I counted out the days and all I said back was "its going on 3 weeks" and my mom new exactly what I was talking about and said "No Way!! is there anyway we can move before she drops?".. lol the landlord would Murder us if he found out we got another cat ((Jack)) let alone a litter of Puppies.
Now were not saying she is Preggo... were just keeping in mind in case she is cuz the last time she got Pregnant she had "Morning Sickness"... lol yea.. shes as Human as a Dog can get! and slept a lot.

So.. we figure.. what 61 day Gestation Period... so that gives us about a month and a half to Move ((were planning on moving anyway)).... yea we wont have time. Lease doesnt end till the 1st of July, if the Landlord doesnt let us break it sooner. If she does have Puppies.. we'll have to transfer a litter of Pups to the new house.
Oh and my mom did ask me if I thought Bonnie looked "Fuller"... which she kinda does.. so were gonna start buying Canned Dog Food just in case. Ill keep you guys posted.
This was NOT a planned Pregnancy.. although it is cool we know exactly when she Bred ((if she bred.. more than likely she did )) so we can estimate exactly when the Litter is due. I am not happy at all that Bonnie got loose... but what can we do now.
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When I was 9 years old our Dog got Preg because a Dog jumped the fence. The Pups were born starting at 1am. There was alot of blood when she had and I still remember seeing them born. She was fixed after that. What kind of dog is yours? This was over 30 years ago. I hope your dog isnt Preg but it sounds like she is.
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Second time being pregnant????? Why was your dog not spayed after the first time?

Keno had an accidental litter of 10 pups when she was only 11 months old (picked up pregnant by a rescue group and rehomed). When we got her, she was taken in to be spayed a few months after we got her - no more "accidents".

What's done is done - if she is pregnant again, then PLEASE have her spayed this time so there is no 3rd litter!
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When Bonnie had her last Litter... she did fine without us, she was our first dog we ever had to have Puppies. In fact.. we didnt know she had her puppies till about an hour after she had them, she had them around 11am. We let her in the Fenced backyard to go potty and she never asked to come back in.. we originally thought she got loose again till I found her under a Bush ((in the backyard)) with Puppies. We then moved her inside of course.

Bonnie is a Border Collie/PitBull/Pointer Mix.. and the Father ((if shes preggo)) is either the neighbors Tan and White Blue eyed Rat Terrier or Rottweiler, a big Fluffy Dog ((not sure what breed)) in the houses behind the woods, a Coyote ((not likely though)), or some other Dog we dont know about.

You know..I asked my mom the same question the other day.. cause it never dawned on me till now that Bonnie was never fixed.
About 4-5yrs ago Bonnie got Preggo and had 7 healthy Pups.. she again, got loose at that time ((she is a very fast dog!)).. she came home then and she came home now... but we managed to keep her on a leash at all times from then till now.
Now we use to live in FL... in FL, the area we were in.. if Bonnie got loose there was a very small chance she'd get Pregnant cause everyone secured there Dogs ((Fences, leashes, etc.)) now out here... even if Bonnie had been on a chain the neighbors Rat Terrier Thingy ((hes half her size.. and still may be Daddy)) would still have gotten to her cause no one around here.. in the middle of nowhere.. secures there Dogs.
Ever since Bonnie got loose... that.. Terrier thing has been at our back door twice a day staring in looking for Bonnie ((even though Bonnie's not in heat anymore))... and he lives 3 houses down!
Oh and we dont have a Fence cuz our Landlord never put one up ((we did ask for one)) and he wouldnt let us put one up... I cant wait till we move.
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Could always get an invisible fence...they have the type with just flags now, so you don't have to run the cable underground. However, that still wouldn't keep the neighbor dogs would keep your dog home though.

What's done is done, but I would be setting up an appointment for 4 months from now to get her fixed...
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Originally Posted by faith's_mom View Post
What's done is done, but I would be setting up an appointment for 4 months from now to get her fixed...
Im gonna talk to my mom about it once we know if Bonnie's preggo or not for sure. If shes Preggo im gonna talk to her about fixing her right after we rehome the Pups.. if shes not Pegnant than im gonna talk to my mom about fixing her soon.
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I hope she agrees. Its far more expensive to have puppies then to get them spayed. And because she is a mix, its that much more wrong to let her have another litter.

And DON'T underestimate a male dog that is not fixed and a female that is not fixed - males are so determined that its been cases of them breeding the female THROUGH the fence and being successful!

Will guarentee that the invisible fence would NOT stop a male dog from taking off to mate with a female in heat!
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If I read your post right, your dog is 5 or 6 years old? The older the female, the more likely she will have complications during pregnancy. If your dog is not far along, I reccomend a spay/abort. This will save your dog the pain and difficulty of whelping a litter, and it will save you and your family the trouble of raising and homing a litter of mutts (mutts are hard to find homes for, so many of them around already.)

Good luck with whatever you choose to do.
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Now.. I dont want to sound Greedy or anything but im very sensitive when it comes to the thought of and animal being Preggo and having the Babies Aborted. I already had someone offer to "Abort" my Cats Kittens when she was 6 Weeks Pregnant... So 3 weeks or 6 weeks.. shes not getting fixed till after the pups are born or we know shes not preggo.

She is a lil older than 5-6yrs.. shes actually about 7-8yrs old but I dont think that changes anything. Of course im gonna make sure she gets fixed after this litter ((if she has pups)) so this is her last.. but if a vet is needed during the pregnancy or Birth.. a vet will be contacted/seen.

An Invisible Fence is not needed.. when we move were gonna get a house with a fenced yard or were gonna install one our selves.
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i would get her to the vet to be checked over, to see if she is pregnant. AT that age, there are a lot more risks, and I hope is she is pregnant and you do allow her to continue the pregnancy that her life isn't put at risk.
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I would like you to look at this link:

Above are real complications that can happen, and the older the dog the more likely these problems will occur.
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Just as an FYI you could always go to your vet and have her xrayed or ultrasounded to see if she's pregnant... that would take out the "wondering".
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