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Darn it, dang it, drat

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Well the calendar says Spring but our weather today says otherwise. We are getting snow, sleet, and wind. I was really hoping this crap was over.
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I was hoping so too, until we woke up to sleet/snow, all 9" of it
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It will be here soon then we will all be saying its too hot. Have you ever noticed that?
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Originally Posted by hammyandwaf View Post
It will be here soon then we will all be saying its too hot. Have you ever noticed that?
yeh, i've noticed that LOL!
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The forecast is for the possibility of snow as near as the Red River on Easter Sunday down here.

Did you know that this is the coldest winter in decades?
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We got about 6-8 inches of snow between Thursday nite and Friday nite - and it was the wet/heavy kind too! I had to call into work on Friday. This morning (Saturday) it's snowing again.

But we do need it - when it melts, the farmers need that rain/melting snow for the fields It will be in the 40's by mid week so it won't be staying around long.
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No snow but it is cold and windy and the rivers and small streams are flooding.
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Our part of Wisconsin missed the snow!!!! Yay...................

But the creek that is about 500 ft or so from my house has crested above flood stage about 20 miles north of me. The water level is higher but the ice hasn't broke up yet by me. When it does rise more it will rise away from us as one side of the creek is much higher than the other.
And it will flood to farm land first, but unfortunately the nearest house is that of my pet-sitter. Hopefully she will be okay!!
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Well I was called into work this morning to shovel the snow and salt the street (on my day off!) I was hoping it was all done too!
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It's hazy and snowing a bit here too. I haven't looked at the temperature though as I don't plan on going out today so it doesn't really matter what it's like out, lol
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Well go figure it has been in 60's and 70's all week!! Today it may be 50 with no sun!!

Easter is supposed to be cold and rainy
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We got a lot of snow here too. It was snowing so heavy last night when I left work at 3am, that I could not see the road or if I was even still on it. Typical March though, in North East Ohio. Heck last Easter, we got 3 feet of snow and that was in April
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The day after spring began, our car was frozen in the morning (and Rob's mom had ALL the windows open in the house!!! CRAZY).

It's been in the 70s though lately. Except that one morning.
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