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Breathing Issues...

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My cat, Simon, had sneezed a lot from the time we brought him home. Our former vet (we've since moved) said that cats sometimes catch a certain bacteria that can cause excessive sneezing (not cold-related, of course); she gave us a week's worth of an antibiotic, which seems to have drastically improved Simon's sneezing issue.

What worries me now, though, is that he seems to have a breathing issue. It sounds as if he's trying to clear his nasal passages (he makes a sort of snuffling sound, as a human would blow out to help clear a stuffy nose). He does this during no particular time of the day, whether at play or at rest.

He has no indications of a cold whatsoever; I'm at a loss as to the possibility of what could be causing this issue; I'd love to hear any suggestions.

Meanwhile, I'm calling a cat clinic today to set up an appointment for a general check up for him (and to try to determine what could be causing the snuffling sounds Simon makes).


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Could very well be allergies just like in humans. You are definately doing the right thing by having him check out. Let us know the results.
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Your best bet is the vet, so it is good you are making an appointment, and it can very well be nothing.

My cat Trouble has a similar issue. Both of my cats sneezed when they were younger, the sneezing has cleared but Trouble still is a heavy breather. It doesn't matter what she is doing. You can just hear her breathe. I took her to the vet and the Dr. said she is fine. So, I feel so much better.

I hope your diagnosis is similar!
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Thanks, Hell603 and Luv Those Paws. You've made me feel better. I've made an appointment at a cat clinic, hoping that a vet who deals solely with cats will have a good view of the situation. I worry about him because I realize his chances for heart problems are heightened because of both his sex and hair length (mid to long). And the Ragdoll breed is new and still evolving, from what I know.

Simon's appointment is at 8am this Saturday. (The things we do for our felines. )

Take care,

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how is Simon - what did the Vet say?
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i am concern about Simon, Jenk... how is the little darling doing? Did the vet say something in particular?

Praying for speedy recovery for Simon! Hope he is up and running in no time!

Give him a kiss and hug for me, please.


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Sorry for the delay in replying. Simon's visit earned him a clean bill of health. The vet said he heart sounds good, and he has equal air coming out of both nostrils.

If I want to pursue expensive testing, I can; but the vet feels that Simon may have kitty allergies or something along those lines, which does not call for invasive/ pricey tests.

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YEAH - what a relief!!! This is such good news and we can certainly use some.

Huggs and kisses to your baby!
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