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Tuesday Dt's

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Hi,everyone!Not a whole lot going on today.Still cold,but it is going to get warmer later this week.Anybody watch CSI Miami last night? Pretty good one.JAG tonight,CSI on Thursday is a new one!

Do you know,that a clean house means the coumpter is broken!
Hope everyone has a good day!
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a quiet day for me too, planning to go out for a walk, but im trying to warm up first, i cant seem to get warm, hubby left the window open last night. GRRRR
tonight, off to a friends for scrapbooking, so should be busy tonight.
had the weirdest dream last night - dreamed that i was part of a spec ops team that captured bin laden.

hope everyone has a great day!
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Another bad night. Bill was snoring so badly, that I couldn't get to sleep. Finally, wound up on the couch, which isn't all that comfortable. The cats piled on with me. I was up and down, all night. At this point, I've been up, since 3:00. If this keeps up, I'm going to rearrange this room and buy a daybed.

Part of the problem is having nothing to do. I have GOT to find a job. Its difficult, to drag myself out jobhunting, with little or no sleep.

Right now, I'm killing time, until the library opens at 11:00.
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I'm back! Finally moved down to Monterey from San Francisco, and are somewhat settled. It's quite a change being in a beach town compared to right in the city, but it's good. Everyone is so friendly it makes us laugh - our neighbors actually came to meet us the day we moved in! We lived in the city for 1.5 years and barely knew our neighbors.

Bella is loving our huge backyard, and well . . . I guess I have to say that Pepper has been taking his first journeys into the outside world. He'd never been outside when we were in the city, and rarely showed an interest, but the past two weeks he tries to run out the door every chance he gets. He usually just sits under the car in the driveway, or roams the little front yard as far as I can tell - and then within an hour or two he meows at the door to be let back in. I'm pretty upset about this, but it is really hard to keep him in when we are letting Bella in and out a hundred times a day. Not sure what to do.

Anyway, I'll finally be getting internet at home this week - I've been gone because I have only been online when at work - which is only 2 days a week now! I love having so much free time.

Hope everyone has a great day!
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Good to see you again Sunni! Glad the move went well. As for keeping Pepper in, what kind of fence do you have around your back yard? If it's a privacy fence, you could rig up something around the top that can keep him in if the landlords will allow it. (You're renting right?) Basically putting fencing or mesh at a 45 degree angle around the top so he can't jump over it. Or you could build him an outside enclosure, again if the landlords will allow it. Let us know if you have those options and we can help find the right thing for you.

I'm at home today, for another couple hours, before I go to the big interview. It's at 1:00 so I would have had to leave work by 11:30 even taking 1/2 day so it wasn't worth it to go in. My supervisor knows what's going on, I told her yesterday that I would be coming down with *something* and she was pretty excited for me.

Hate to even say it, but it's been so nice outside this week. We've been in the 60s since Saturday, and are supposed to reach the 70s by this weekend. It's been so nice to be able to open the windows and air out the house. The kitties are loving it too!
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Another busy day at the mines! At least it feels like I am working at the mines! I am so busy that I dream about work when I am in bed and then I can't sleep! Only have the new trainees until tomorrow, then I have to train someone back from maternity leave. Hopefully by next week things will be somewhat back to normal. I can start having a life and a cat site fix again.
Going to have a shopping spree tonight. One of my fav stores (Cotton Ginny) is closing most of their stores and are selling everything off. On Saturday I spent $130 and got $700 worth of stuff - there are few more things I want and I will get my sister her b-day pressie there.
We decided not to buy my parents house for many reasons, so now I don't have to curtail my spending. If we bought the house it would have doubled our mortage and that is just not financial feasible. Especially if we have any kids.
Bodlover sent me some pics of her new snake (a royal Python named Matilda). She has beautiful markings!
Hope everyone is having an ok day today
Sunni - great to see you back and I am glad that the move went well
Cindy - I hope that you can find a job soon, althought the fur babies will miss you.
Heidi - did I miss something? Do you have a job interview? If so best of luck!
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i am ready to scream today. got an email first thing this morning on how i screwed up again. isn't it funny that no one ever notices what you do right -- only what you do wrong. i try to be hardworking and conscientious (sp), but it seems like it really doesn't matter. it really stinks sometimes, you know? i'm sure everyone has been through this at some point.

i'm off my soapbox now... i'll just crawl back into my corner.

heidi - best of luck for your interview!
cindy - good luck pounding hte pavement. i am pulling for you!

hope you all are having a good day.
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Jan, I'm so sorry that you are having such an awful day. The same thing happens regularly with me-I just got one on Monday. My boss comes in on the weekend, sees no one here and thinks we're slacking, and sends off nasty emails. I've learned just to go into his office with the email and respond point-for-point "We discussed this Friday. We discussed this last week. We discussed this Friday". He then admits he forgot and that he was just mad. It's a great way to start the week.
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Glad the move went well BigKat!

Jan, don't you just hate that? Well, your human and you will make mistakes. Now, learn from that mistake and move on. Don't waste another minute worrying or thinking about it, it's not worth it!

(Think of Nakita and take a deep breath....inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale)

Right now I have a major caffeine buzz from a Starbucks Frappuccino. Yumm! Talk about major sugar/caffeine overload! So the world looks pretty good right now!

Good luck Heidi on the interview (I'm late on this but the thought still counts, doesn't it?)

Hope everyone enjoys the rest of the day!

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Good luck, with your interview, Heidi. I just got the "kiss off" letter, from mine. What's wrong with these employers? It seems that they want a bunch of kids, rather than dependable, responsible adults.
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Sorry to hear about everyone's bad day. Jan, you're right it's so much easier to criticize than to compliment and that's pretty sad. Cindy, sorry to hear you didn't get that one. I know what you mean about hiring kids instead of hard-working adults - Earl can't get a job in retail but you all you see . My only theory is that they figure kids won't stand up for themselves when they treat them like cr@p.

I think the interview went really well, but we'll see. I'm cautiously optimistic.
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Originally posted by valanhb
I know what you mean about hiring kids instead of hard-working adults........My only theory is that they figure kids won't stand up for themselves when they treat them like cr@p.

Younger people are usually quicker to train, easier to mold, and will be less likely to raise any opposition to requests. But in hiring a younger force, you suffer from lack of experience, knowledge and sometimes dependability. It's always a tradeoff!

Glad you survived the interview Heidi. Now the waiting begins....(isn't it great?)

But I didn't have a bad day. I was on a caffeine/sugar high!

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I'm fairly young, but I can't find a job! My job record is nonexistant, thanks to the fact that my 3 previous jobs closed. Unfortunately, jobs like stocking out at Wal-mart and watching the fries at Wendy's are taken by hispanics in this area, since they take a lot of cr@p from their bosses... hey, if it's that or get turned in to the INS by a rotten employer, I can see where they'd be intimidated. (Before anyone jumps on me, my marriage that just ended was to a hispanic man who came over "without inspection" as the INS euphimistically likes to put it, so I know for a fact that many of the hispanic people around here are paperless. Not all of them, many were even born here, but a majority are not supposed to be here.)

So, if it makes you feel better, youth doesn't necesarily help either.
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