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sad news

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this morning we lost anther one of scarlets kittens. the little grey boy didnt make it for some reason. i dont understand how this could happen.
the runt of the litter, one of the orange ones wont latch on to his mother.
so now i have to be the one feeding him. since yesterday i have been feeding him every 3 hours and he drinks his milk to the last drop. i feed and scarlet takes care of the rest. i hope he will nurse on his own soon. i need more then 3 hours of sleep.
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Sorry to hear about this. Sounds like you are doing your best. I hope your orange one starts to nurse on mom soon and you get some sleep!
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So sorry I will be on Msn Messenger.
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I'm so sorry. Was it the one with the deformed paws? Rest in peace little gray baby.
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yes. but he was doing so good. nursing all the time. he had a nice fat bellly.
but the rest is ok for now anyways. i just have to get the little guy to eat on his own. i think he will soon. when i fed him earlier he tried to suck my finger a little.
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I'm sorry!
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Cat said she will let her Husband do the feeding tonight. She is very tired. I am glad he is off this weekend to help.
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i am sorry to hear that
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