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Thinking About Lizards....

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I've been considering for a while getting a long tailed skink or 2. I have some fish that died recently and figured i would trying something new. I have been searching google looking for exactly what i would need to care for a long tailed skink but i am not finding anything. I was wondering if anyone has these or knows anything about them. The were really just something cool i saw at petsmart. Until a few days ago i hadn't done any research. But now that i am I can't find anything. Any information would be awesome. Even if it is just links.... about my skinks :P hehe.
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What size is the aquarium, if you're going to reuse it. Do want something you can hold? Or prefer a lizard that would be hardier and more forgiving were you to make any care mistakes?
How about listing some of the other expectations you may have for a pet lizard?

Edit: There you go Look up that name more and you should find more information about where they're from. You can use that to somewhat help refine care.

Don't use any one care sheet. Keep researching. It does look like you will have a cricket eater, though. You will need to provide UVB lights. These are pricey and come in varying percentages of output.

Another thing to consider, these are likely wild caught lizards. They may have some trouble adjusting - may decide to go off food, and ideally should have a vet check (or at least a fecal check) for parasites.

Reptiles are generally not social animals. So if you get two you need to have a fairly large cage so they can avoid each other if need be. Male + male = fight, male + female = eggs, and female + female = still possible territory issues.
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I like the anoles - had them when a teenager. If I got an aquarium again, that's what I'd choose
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^ Even anoles need a pricey set up, minimum of $100-200 depending on how many you keep. Because they're arboreal and jump around a lot they need around 20gals per lizard -preferably a tall wire or mesh cage instead of an aquarium.

JavannaLynn, I forgot to ask. Do you have around $150+ you can invest in reptile supplies right now? If not, it's best to wait reptiles are not a good impulse buy, it usually costs them their lives or the owner is left trying to quickly correct care when the reptile gets ill.
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The only things I can find:

Here's basic info I found on the long tailed skink.

And here's on skinks in general.

Skink tails break off VERY easily, they are fast and shouldnt be handled unless you need to clean the tank.

Anoles are pricey and actually not good to begin with. I had them and even though they cost $5 each, there setup was well over $200. Not to mention alot of ones sold are wild caught, and full of parasites.

I'll look for more info.
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Well they were my first reptiles (other then the box turtles which were outside) and I never had a problem - they lived and grew for a few years. I didn't have an elabrate setup and they were fine and healthy

IMO they are not that hard to keep.
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Anoles are hard to keep because of pricing is what I mean. If your not willing to buy a proper (and rather costly setup of about $250 that's N.Y. pricing anyway because its expensive here), they wont live long.

They are lizards that absolutely must have proper lighting, enclosure, and good nutrition. At least by me, anoles in pet stores are not in proper setups, and most have parasites here which make keeping them even more difficult since ours are imported, not captive bred. The pet store was reported but nothing was done.

They were my first reptile too.

Still looking for more info on the skinks though.
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Originally Posted by keith p View Post

Here's basic info I found on the long tailed skink.

And here's on skinks in general.
I already linked to the first page and as it says "Long tailed skinks are small lizards in the family Lacertidae and are not skinks at all" They're not skinks, so skink info will not be correct for their care.
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A Long Tailed Grass Lizard is in the family as the long tailed skink, and there is more info on those as pets, so mabye those would be a better choice perhaps?
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^Depending on the aquarium she has and the sort of expectations for a pet lizard, I would suggest a nocternal gecko such as a leopard or african fat tailed. Easy to hold, don't seem to really mind it, plenty of information about their care, no lights needed - and best of all they're beginner level.

Any sort of gecko, excluding day geckos, really are a good starter. We even have a crested gecko breeder lurking around here somewhere, someone who would be a great source of information.
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