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The Crazy Kittehs, my Beautiful Bengals

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Penny on our latest cat condo (the one from Drs Foster with the cedar posts that weren't cedar.) She's so shiny!

Watching the birdies arriving outside...

Getting really excited about the birdies...

And lying in the afternoon sun getting scritches....ahhhh, that's the life.

Max lying on the aquarium (pictured above) cover watching the spring birdies arrive - he was chattering up a storm when I took this.

Max waving hello to all the girl kitties:

And giving his impression of a ferocious tiger:

Penny watching Max as he plays on the condo in the living room...

It really DOES look like fun...

I think I'll join him!

Ok, folks, that's all for now! I hope you enjoyed them!
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My god, he DOES look like a ferocious tiger!!!!!!!

Penny's coat is soooo beautiful - I've always been in love with her
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Wow....those kitties are beautiful!
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They are gorgeous!!!! I always love admiring bengals!!!
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Man, what a soft and silky-looking coat!

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Wow beautiful kitties....
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They are gorgeous!
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love Penny's profile!! and Max is adorable! I can see how he would keep you on your toes
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Their coats are gorgeous!, and they blend in well with the print on the cat tree
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What a gorgeous pair they are!
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you have to many Bengals i think you should send me one
i love the tiger look
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they are very beautiful!
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I am suprised you can have plants with those kitties, great pics!
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Great pics Betsy!

We have a cat tree just like that one.

I always wonder exactly what carpet company would make that print and if it's just for cat trees? Couldn't use it on our floors, we'd never find the cats.
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I love how they just blend in with the kitty tree.

They are just wonderful hon.
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so pretty!!!
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