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I'm back from vacation!!!

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Well 2500 miles later and a really sore butt (16.5 hrs one way) we are back home.

The drive both ways was pretty good, road construction, lots of semis and some rain of course.

A fair amount of shopping and we drove to DC for a day of sight-seeing. Alas I really wore the wrong shoes as the heels in back of my legs were rubbed bloody and I still had a good couple miles to walk in that condition!!

Michael Buble concert was very good too.

Good to visit my sis but also good to be back at home the cats need some serious loving now!!
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Welcome back from your vacation!! Sounds like you really enjoyed yourself!!
You were so lucky to see Michael Buble, hes good!! Happy to hear you had a great time
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I'm so glad you had a nice, safe trip. Welcome back home!
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Welcome back! Sounds like you had a nice time.
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Welcome back!
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back! Glad you enjoyed your vacation (except for the shoes).
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Glad to hear you had a nice vaction and enjoyed yourself(inspite of the shoes)
Welcome Back
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welcome back!
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welcome back glad you had a good time and a safe trip
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Welcome home! Where'd you go in DC? Are there pictures? And didn't you love the Elvis impersonation and the silly trombone bit?
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The trombone bit was pretty good. He sure likes sliding around the floor while singing too!!

In DC my sis insisted we go to farmers mkt in Dupont circle. Lots of very over priced veggies/meats but I did buy some $$$ yarn. Then to Eastern Mkt and bought a cool bracelet, my sis a couple fake designer purses. Once the shopping was done we parked up by the US botanical garden. Took lots of pics of orchids. Then walked by the capitol building to the washington monument, the WWII memorial and the Lincoln memorial and the Vietnam vet memorial.
Over to the White House (front and back), the US treasury building then walked through the Natural History muesum. Then hobbled back to the car!! Hence all the blisters!!
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