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Meet the neighbors

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I got a visit from some new neighbors this morning.

Here's the first one:

Isn't he pretty? He's so.... orange!

And his/her brother/sister:

Such a naughty kitty too. He/she tried to get inside and when I pet him he was really playful and affectionate.

Of course Joshua was really curious about the whole thing and Kinah was hissing.
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wow what bold neighbours you have! gorgeous looking too. my rb cat thomas would go and visit one of my neighbours. she would tell me how they had little chats through the kitchen window!
post #3 of 10 cute! Love the orange eyes and the orange fur combo! I wouldn't mind neighbours like that!
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aww gorgeous!
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Beautiful kitties! I think the orange one's face is "masculine" and that he's a little boy. The other one looks like a girl to me.
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What beautiful neighbors. They're pretty trusting, huh? Oh their eyes are very similar! Cuties
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Their not shy are they! Their gorgeous though
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What attractive and curious neighbors you have
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I love these pictures of your new neighbor kitties curiosity.
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The audacity of some "people"! They are both precious.
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