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We've got mail!

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Paula sent a toy from the RB Mia to Bea. She also sent a few toys along for Da Boyzz. Not many great pics of the other kits with their toys, because they won't hold still they're racing around "killing" them.

Bea with Mia's toy

(NOT gonna try to take it away! )

Squishy - "Who sent us toys? What do you mean they aren't for me? I caught this running around the basement, honest!"

Ophelia Rose

Mr. Pajamas (Pay no mind to the royal disaster here....4 16 years olds were through)

Bea is now hunkered down right by Mia's toy, occaisonally she rolls over to rub her head on it too.
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Love the pictures, very cute kitties....
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what wonderful pics they are. bea looks so well, normal! i know that may sound odd but having read everything that poor cat has been through, it is down to your kindness and love that she is looking that way now.

love the pic of ophelia rose, she looks so innocent!
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Bea has a very pronounced limp, unfortunately as a result of the extent of her surgery. So, she doesn't walk like this one are what keep her relatively active!
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Beautiful pictures Nat! I'm so glad that Bea is enjoying Mia's toy

Looks like Squishy has claimed a mouse too! I'm glad they all like them
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awww, love the look on Squishy face, hehe
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aww lovely picture's!
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Bea really looks pleased with her toy - I hope Mia is watching from the RB, and happy that her toy is bringing such pleasure to another cat who was also declawed by ignorant owners.
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They all look so pleased.
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