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Is my carpet going to be destroyed?

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I found out from the breeder last night that my new aby kitten has never been exposed to carpet before. Almost my entire house is carpeted so she was a bit concerned as to how the kitten will react. So now I'm worried that she's going to start peeing on it or tear it to shreds with her claws. I have two scratchers in her room (different kinds) but now I don't know if those will be enough since the room is completely carpeted. My last roommate's cat would claw up the carpet at the door whenever she'd lock him in, so I expect the new kitty might do the same.

Any advice on how to prevent this or is my carpet doomed?
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There's no way to predict which cat will or will not use the carpet for anything, so you'll probably just have to wait and see, but I would ask that if she does scratch, or anything else, please don't 'punish' her, or yell, or whatever, as she'll have no idea what the problem is - to her it's just the 'floor', and there's no real way (especially as your whole house is carpeted) to make her understand it's not acceptable to do whatever with it as she has nowhere else to go after all, and can't connect what she's doing to what you're disliking.
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The kitten should be fine. They might use the carpet a few times, but redirect to the treehouse/scratching post. My guys when they wake up will use the carpet on the steps to help stretch with no harm.

As far as peeing, you want to confine your young kitten till they are older. Young kittens running around the entire house may not make it back to the pan in time. Might consider to put a few pans around the house so the kitten won't have an excuse to go elsewhere
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Thank you both for your input. I'm keeping her confined to this one room until she and my other pets adjust, and always when I am not home. I will definitely redirect her to the scratching post if I see her using the carpet, but my fear is her tearing at the carpet by the door when she's left in there alone. I can probably find something to put on the ground in front of the door if so (i.e. cardboard).

Goldenkitty45 - Thanks for the tip on the litter boxes. I'll get an extra one to put in the living area when she's playing with me outside of her room.

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Word of warning: My two (suspected) mixed breed Abys HATE closed doors, and will in fact, tear up the carpet in front of doors if they are closed. They've gotten better about this as they've gotten older, but they still don't really like being locked into rooms, or locked OUT of rooms. I think it just goes against their insatiable need to know what's going on everywhere, all the time.
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Thanks for the warning! That is exactly why I am concerned. Hopefully I'll be able to trust the little one pretty quickly or at least get her to the point where I can keep her locked up in my master bedroom/bath area with my other cat. There's so much room in there (not to mention a HUGE cat tree) so hopefully it wouldn't be an issue in there. I can't say I blame them though for not wanting to be locked up!
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It'll help if the other cat is in there -- these two mostly hate it if they know that there's another cat on the other side of the door. I think that they suspect that WONDERFUL things are happening that they aren't privy to.
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Pippin was just awful on my carpet for the first 6+ months I had him. I tried lots of different things to get him to stop. I had plenty of scratching posts and cardboard box scratching areas. I covered up the sofa (he was scratching that as well) with a regular sheet (this seemed to work, but I still have the sheet so I'm not sure how it will be if I ever remove it for longer than washing). I used some of the sprays. I finally noticed that he didn't seem to like a particular lap blanket I had so I ended up putting that down on the floor and that helped a lot. The biggest thing I did was when I get home from work, the boys like to greet me. Bingley instantly goes to a scratching area and goes to town, Pippin would mimic him... but on the carpet. I started giving love greetings to the one (Bingley) using the proper areas. This got Pippin all jealous and eventually he learned that in order to get petted when I first return home, he'd better scratch in the proper spot. Now he does it automatically and I always show approval and gratitude. So far, so good...
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Hennessy has completely ignored the carpet, except in one area where it's slightly frayed and looks like string (thanks to the dog!)
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You probably should trim the kitten's claws and maybe even put on Soft Paws if you're really concerned about the carpets.
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