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Friday's Thread, Anything Special Planned..

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Morning All!!

Guess Since Trout's Mom is off in Ottawa for the holiday, I'll guess I'll start the weekend thread a day early.

I'm off work today, it costs to much to have me around the office for the stat holidays.
Plus it's also my birthday, and Linus's Gotcha Day all rolled into one.

He's all from the extra attention this morning and I am in the middle of a sugar rush from having chocolate cake for breakfast it's going to be a good day

It's sunny here today although a bit on the chilly side -10. Guess no one got the memo about the spring thing..

Nothing to much planned, dinner at my brothers tonight and that's about it.

Everyone have a good one
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Woke up to almost 4" of snow this morning, not my idea of spring weather! We are supposed to get up to 9" by the end of the day, just great!

Heading home tomorrow for the Easter weekend, work today, we don't get days off for the holiday.

Happy Friday all!
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Morning Happy Birthday Tierre0!! Have a good birthday!

We are so excited for spring!! We have been shoveling snow out of the fenced in area so the grass has a chance to dry out & we can take out our cats again. We all want to go outside in the warm sun!!

Enjoy your day everyone!!
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Happy birthday!

Nothing special, my parents will be here in moments to go down to my storage unit and haul the bulk of my stuff to California, so I'll be helping to load the truck most of the day.
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We're going to Saskatoon today to visit with family!
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I'm not doing much today. We rented a couple of movies yesterday, so we will be watching those. That is about it.
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Well cause of the snow, I had to call into work - we are expecting 6-8 inches by end of tonite.

And we did have plans for Easter dinner with the boys on Sunday afternoon - till we found out that they were going to be meeting their mother at the same place/same time we planned. So we will have to do something else now.
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Happy birthday!

Work until 7 (two meetings in there too) so I don't get to go to the Stations of the Cross at three like I wanted since today is Good Friday. :cry: But I get to go to the Good Friday service tonight, so that makes me happy!

Plus, I'm pretty sure an important experiment went well, so that's major cause for celebration!
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Well I have just about everything unpacked, laundry done and a small amount of groceries bought.

Stopped at video store for some movies as Neil is taking a break from working on the taxes and watching some basketball now.

The snow is going to miss us for the most part which is ok my me as spending a week in a spot where the daffodils are blooming along with some flowering shrubs and trees is a bit discouraging.
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well, today i havn't done anything! i've been feeling really fed up lately. hope everyone had a great day!
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We went Shopping.
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watchin south park season 4 all episodes on dvd, chillin with hammy and the kitties
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