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Desperately Seeking Words of Wisdom =^.^=

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Daisy (20 months) and Venus, my 4-month old deaf kitty are both entered for the SF Reveler Show on March 29/30.

This is our very first show, and i am very excited.

i would really appreciate ANY advice from ANYONE as to what i should do, bring, etc.

So far, i ordered a cage curtain from Mimiworks (the leopard design is the one that i found simple and sweet.)

Thanks a mil.

Cheers and take care!

SMILES from all of us! =^______^=
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I can't give you any words of wisdom I'm afraid. But, there's lots of links to articles about showing cats on this page...


Good luck, and please let us know how your cats go.


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The only thing you really should do, is let the clerk know that your cat is deaf. That way, if the judge notices her making noises or getting startled, they know why
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Thanks, Julia and Sandie for your kind feedback. It is truly appreciated.

A fellow member of thedeafcatsclub, Rachelle, gave me some useful tips as well.

i guess i am just going to go with the flow. Also, i will be looking out for a kitten to buy (for championship show.) i am open to look at pictures for those who have kitties available. Budget: ($500-$1100-1200)

Oh well....

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Yes, indeed, i want to say a huge huge THANK YOU to Cathy for emailing me a letter full of advice.

i printed and filed that letter. Hopefully, over time, i will get better with cat shows. i intent to participate in the April Hayward's cat show as well (emailed to the entry clerk last week.)

Thanks, Cathy, you are an angel!!

Take care and God bless!!

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Hi Pohchoowan, would you mind sharing information on the Hayward cat show? I live in Oakland, and would love to attend a local cat show! What is the date and location? Is there a telephone number or website to get more information? Thanks!
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Hi, Angela!!

Here is the website:

It gives a list of the show schedules (all over United States),and they are held by CFA ...

Hope to see you in one of the shows!

If you see us ( Daisy, Venus,, or me) would you say hi?

Cheers and smiles!

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Thanks for the info! I bookmarked that website. And, I will be sure to say Hi at an upcoming cat show. I'll probably attend the Hayward show. I wish attendees could be judges, 'cuz you know I'd give Venus my vote!
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Geez... thanks Angela !!

ANY support is really appreciated and MUCH needed... !!

Angele, do u live in Oakland? Have you heard of Hopalong? i am in their foster list.


=====Thanks for feeding the outside kitties :angel2: ======

:flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash: :flash:
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Hiyee folks!

i am extremely tired now, and will make it brief.

Just to thank all those who have given their feedback to render a helping hand with this thread, which, by the way, was my very first.

A special thanks to Cathy for writing to me constantly, giving me valuable show tips.

Today was my first show, and i cried like a proud mother at most of the rings. In conclusion, the kitties won six ribbons. Venus won a second best and a third best in the Household Pet category. Daisy won four ribbons, including two fourth best, a second best and first in the Household Pet category as well.

i was and still am very proud of my girls.


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Kudos to you and your beautiful girls!

What a wonderful first show - all of your grooming and pre-show preparation really paid off! I'm sure those rosettes are going to look very nice hanging in their place of honor

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Thanks for the kind congratulatory note, Mom of 10 and Cathy! It is truly appreciated!

The two-day show ended today, and i cried quite abit today as well.

Daisy had captured three best in three rings, and in total, they won 14 (including Venus' red rosette for finalling in Friskiest Cats) rosettes for the two days.

Daisy finalled top four for all the shows, and in conclusion, she won Best of Household Pets category for the SF Reveler Show, held by CFA.

Wow! This is really really unexpected as it is my very first show.

Daisy won a trophy, and a big special rosette. Also, they both won cash prizes as well.

It was really fun!

i learned more about cat care from other exhibitors, and had a chance to buy cat care products like pawiers. Also, i bought several catnip pouches, which are really potent!! -- i myself love the fragrance!!

i talked to only two breeders, and did not find any kitten as yet. i guess it is a process to seek out a show quality kitty.

Daisy got some shots taken by a professional pet photographer, Chanan.

We took ALOT of pictures (with every judge).. please look out for those pics at the website below soon, guys!!

i am indeed a proud mommy!! My hubby kept calling Daisy a "champion cat" after the show...

Here are some pix from the show:

This pix was taken at home:

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Thanks, Vikki!!

Cheers to you!
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Tomorrow, we will be at Hayward cat show. Yet another day of learning and more learning. i will be talking to a Sphynx breeder, Nancy, and i can't wait!

Also, i am so happy to see Debbie Loong once again, a pal i got to know at my last show -- she has the kindest heart!! (see pix us below.)

Just want to say a very special THANK YOU again to Cathy (CathyG user name at TCS) for her constant advice. She is such a sweetheart!! i am so grateful to her!

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Good luck tomorrow - I will be thinking of you!

Make sure to give us a full report!

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Thanks, Cathy : ... i thank God for you and pray for blessings to be bestowed upon you, John, and your kitties.

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Hey I am part of deafcatsclub too - my Kahu is deaf!
Your Daisy looks just like a deaf cat that I fostered - she is adopted now by my landlord and is living the high life - I get to see her all the time.

Congrats on your results at the show!
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Kellye, are you a member there too?

Very nice.... my Venus is deaf.

Thanks for the congratulatory note, Kellye, it is truly appreciated!

Take care of you! Kisses for your furbabies!

Cheers to deafcatsclub!
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For several reasons, i did not enjoy yesterday's show as much as our first show at San Mateo.

Almost upon finding our space, they were calling for household pets. Anyway, there was a much lower count of participants, and that was not as fun! The hall is not as big, and we did not get as much space as the previous show. They did not have a presentation for Best of Best for HHP this time.

i got to a sweet Asian lady, Janyce. She is actually Debbie's friend. i found out much later than she actually lives very close to me. She is the only other Asian exhibitor i see at the show.

Venus got 3 Best out of 6 rings, and Daisy got 1 Best. Venus and Daisy also got ribbons for 2nd and 3rd places.. in total, 12 ribbons won between the two.

i got to talk to a Sphynx breeder. My hubby does not really like the look of a Sphynx. Oh dear! i am waiting for her next litter.

i think i am considering participating in a TICA show. i registered both girls as HHP at TICA recently.

i was happy to see Debbie and Judge Joan Miller again. Joan is such a great and nice lady. Very genuine and caring. i can boldly say all the good things about her, because she is definitely in my good books. She did not judge HHP category yesterday, but i was just so happy to see her again.

Here is a pix taken with CFA show cat judge, James Kilborn.

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Sharing some pix from the Hayward show:

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More pix taken at home:

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Well the girls certainly look like a couple of pros standing in those judging rings!

Beautiful rosettes too - Congratulations!

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