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Cat gate for indoors?

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I was wondering whether anyone had any suggestions on how to fence off a portion of the house.

Basically at the moment my cats spend the daytime when I'm not home in my room, and I let them out to run about the house at night when I am home. Personally I feel that this is kinda dull and boring for them, so I was hoping to be able to fit a gate/door to the hallway so they can have access to the majority of the house 24/7.

I was looking at using the kid gates as a solution, but none of them are tall enough. And I don't want to stack them since I need to be able to pass through the gate fairly easily.

So basically what I am asking for is a gate that can be rolled/folded away quickly and is tall enough to keep a cat from jumping over. If anyone has any solutions/innovative ideas, I would be glad to listen.

PS: if I'm not making myself clear in what I want please let me know thnx ^__^
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Cats can climb, so it doesn't matter how tall of a gate you choose - they'll be over it eventually. If you truly want to section them to one part of the house the only way to do so is a door.
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What part of the house DON'T you want them in when you are not there? How old are the cats? Most cats are fine after 6 months old to have free access to the rest of the house.

I'm not sure I understand where you are coming from on this? Is there a reason that they are confined now?
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Basically the only room in which I do not want them to have free roam of is the kitchen. The one time we did let them roam free all day, they created havoc. They opened our cabinets, broke some glasses, and ate everything (even bread and rice) they could find. Then of course they threw up said food all over the floor T__T.

As for their age, I have a DSH who is a 1.5 years old, and a bengal who is little over 8 months old.

Basically, i still at my parent's house, and I need to respect their rules. So, if there are any suggestions, I'm open to listen.

PS: I tried the cans, foil, water spray, loud noise strategy to keep them off the counter but to 0 affect. Heck even with us there and them knowing we don't want them on the kitchen counter, they still go up there.
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Try some sticky tape on the counters. And some people have luck with the child safety latches on the cupboards. People with cats learn to keep food out of sight and not be sitting around on the counters.

If there is no food out, the cats are less likely to get on the counters. They are in the teen years now and are brats. They will grow out of it.
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I have child proof latches on my cabinets and I never leave food out in the open. Bread goes into a cabinet or inside the microwave. I don't leave dishes out on the counter. I view this as kid-proofing the house.

I've had to block off sections of my house when I was having construction done. Since I didn't want to build a door, I had to stack baby gates from the floor to the ceiling. There isn't a lot of options. They'll climb over everything.
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I don't know if this is possible in your situation. We purchased a cheap wooden screen door from home improvement center for about $20. The wood was unfinished, but you could paint it the same color as the walls to make it more pleasing to the eye. You can attach it in the same doorframe with the exsisting door not being moved, or if it is a hall you could attach it to the studs. The holes that the screws leave when door is no longer need are tiny and can be patched easily. Use a hook latch to keep door closed. I understand what you are going through and all cats are different. Hopefully you can find something that works for you.
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