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new meowies!

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i am a new member, and i hope to learn alot from all the folks here!

i have two kitties: 20 month old Daisy - she is a white american shorthair, and 4 month old Venus - she is a white american medium hair, and is deaf.

They are entered for the 29/30 March San Francisco Reveler cat show.

It is our very first. So, any words of wisdom is much welcomed and appreciated!

Hope you will enjoy some of their pics! They take pictures on an almost daily basis.. hehe!
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What beautiful kitties you have!!! Well, if I were a judge, I would give them first place. They both look so regal, like little princesses.

Welcome to the site! There's a ton of information here, and so many knowledgable people. Perhaps you could ask your showing questions in the Breeders Forum since most of our breeders also show, and the Mod there is also a judge.
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pohchoowan, your kitties are beautiful! They look so sweet!
Welcome to the board!
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Hi there Pohchoowan, your kitties are just lovely.


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Hello from the other side of the Bay Bridge! Your cats are gorgeous. Where is the cat show? Perhaps I'll attend and try to influence the judges! LOL
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You have very pretty kitties! Welcome to the Board!
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Welcome to the site!!

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A huge thank you is in order!

Thanks for welcoming us to this website!

We (the kitties and myself) love this website!! i am learning a lot, even just reading the forum pages!

For info on the cat show in San Francisco area in Marc, please go to:


Cheers![color=blue][font=century gothic]
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hello and welcome! what gorgeous cats!
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Hi, from one newbie to another one, welcome!
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Beautiful white cats!!!!
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what pretty kitties =)
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