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Licking habits

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This may sound a bit odd, but I left my cat at a friends place (who has 2 cats) for about a week, while visiting her very often (almost every day). She came home and all of a sudden picked up this licking habit. When I am about to wake up she'll come lay on my chest (which I've trained her to do) but then she'll start licking my face! She never did this before. Has anyone else experienced this?
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Hi and welcome to TCS! She is expressing her love and gratitude toward you! She is expressing her appreciation for returning to her familiar home and family (you)! It is instinctual for cats to groom their loved ones, and even more after brief seperation.
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Our kitten licks constantly, so we've trained him. I'll say "Gussy, kisses" (his name is Gus) and he'll lick our lips. Yea, a little gross, but so cute! It's a real winner when we're out in public or at the vet and he gives people kisses on command.
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Dusty will wake me up with kisses most mornings.. This morning, she was licking inside my ear purring the whole time!! She doesn't know what weekends are for and doesn't let me sleep!
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My cat also licks me a lot. And the dogs too.
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