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Why is my mouse moving?

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Probably because Tonka is pulling on the wire

I looked over and seen my mouse moving on it's own!
Kinda freaked me out for a couple of seconds until I looked under my desk and seen Tonka pulling on the wire

He also likes to chase my shoestrings when I'm tying my shoes in the morning
It's actually become a game between us.. I call it "I wonder how many times meowmy will tie her shoes after I untie them"

Some mornings I leave for work with them untied and just tie them in the car because he undoes them 10 times
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Yup, when I put on my workout clothes and shoes, Sammie's all over them. Yes, it is a game. And they always win.
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Haha. When I was living at home, I used to sit down in the living room sometimes when I came home from work and Gizmo would always come over and untie my shoes for me.

Unfortunately, he also liked to untie them for me when I was getting ready to leave the house, LOL.
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I think it is so funny that our cats all seem to be fascinated by our computers. Either they want to play with the cords or sit on the keyboard. I guess it their way of "helping" us and keeping us company! In my house it is Sophie who won't leave me alone when I am at my computer!
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Arwen will walk across the keyboard of my laptop some evenings when she doesn't get her own her terms, she is protesting that I don't give her enough attention!

And about work..well, Brandy has a habit of rubbing himself against my trouser legs, which is a pain in the neck as they are black in colour. It's quite often I have gone to work smothered in ginger and white fur down the legs, and it isn't so easy to brush off either!
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Awww, he was just trying to get the big, bad mousey away from you. Too funny. I am so glad I have a lap top with a track pad.
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Firefox used to do that, back before i had the laptop... i also got a cordless mouse to use w/my laptop, because the trackpad annoys me.
now the trackpad is a problem, because cats walk on it, touch it, etc. when getting up here w/me. wish i could turn it off!
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Butzie is a back-to-earth green kitty. Technology? Ha! She prefers the natural fibers of any string that I am wearing on my body.
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Dusty always will try to get on the desk when I get up. I have to pull the chair away or she will go after the screensaver. They both will go under the desk and get up on my pullout keyboard shelf.

I had an IM open to one of my friends and Dusty actually sent her a message! My friend was going "What?!" I had to tell her Dusty was telling her hi..

They also will go after my shoestrings. And before I put my shoes on, I have to empty them from any toys they might have hidden there.
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