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So i was at the vet today for her nail clipping and shots,they checked for fleas,no fleas presnt at the time but i think they said there was some flea dusting or dusting fleas? They put that frontline stuff on her,should i be concerned,never had a problem with fleas here. BTW she is an inside cat only.
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My Cats are inside only but sometimes a few fleas get in. I have used Frontline before and it worked fine.
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It was probably flea dirt... or more specifically, flea feces.

Stand your kitty on a table over a white piece of paper and rub the hair to release and dandruff or dirt. Then use a moist q-tip to rub the "dirt" that has fallen on the paper. If the dirt leaves a red streak, then it is flea feces, which is red because its digested blood. Fleas don't digest the blood very well and the feces are actually food for the larvae living in your carpet. Aren't fleas fun?!?!?!
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Yea think it was flea dirt. lol.
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how long untill her fur looks normal again? looks like some1 put gel in her hair and spiked it.lol
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Frontline is like Gel. Is that what you are taking about. Is it between the Shoulders. if its from that it will be gone by tomorrow.
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