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My Job---

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hey guys! I have to work tonight friday night and saturday night...Id like some vibes that these nights are better then last week...I dont think I told anyone how last week went...Friday night we had to call the cops twice due to drunks fighting in the parking lot first time it was unarmed second time they had knives...On saturday night I had to call twice again the first time I had a drunk in there who I have never saw before grab my hand and tell me how in love with me he was he wouldnt let go it was starting to hurt my hand and I was starting to cry...he was begging me not to leave him..when he went to confront some guy about sleeping with me I called the cops they got there in minutes and took him to jail! Thank God...then I had to call about thirty minutes later over an arguement in the parking lot...it was a rough weekend...and though I still love my job I have a new respect for those working night shift at a gas station anywhere!!!
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Oh gosh. I'd be so terrified, I'd lock up and go home and mail them the key. You are a very, very brave woman.
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OMG thats awfull! A girl that works at a gas station here just had to go to court to testify against the guy who attempted to rape her while she was working! Im sending you that all goes well!! You dont by chance have a button you can press to alert the authorities do you?? We have those here, and if it wouldn't of been for that the guy would have probably raped the girl. If no button, get some pepper spray!!
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