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today was supposed to be better than this!

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Hey you guys!
just need to let some stuff go...and this board is always good for that.
I've been having a really rough time at school this semester. I have 2 courses which are causing problems and my 82 average is definately going to drop. I might not even be able to get into 4th year because of a stupid statistics course where I have to have a 70 but currently have a 65....anyway, it's been stressful these last couple of weeks...and to top it all off I have one nasty chest cold!
So today was the last of the worst of my semester. I had taken the day off yesterday to get as much sleep and studying in as possible for a quiz today. Today is also my boyfriends and my one year anniversary, which I've been looking forward to.
My dad called me this morning to tell me that there's a HUGE freak out at home because I paid for my boyfriends breakfast when we met my sister the other day. Apparently now my mom and sister think that I pay for all of his food, where it's really more like 50/50 as to who pays. Now mom says she's going to "sit me down and talk to me about it"....which never goes well.
I failed my quiz....no joke. I blame it partly on my cold (kinda dizzy) and partly on the format of the quiz...I don't do well with diagrams.

I'm really quite upset about my mom and sister. I hate family stuff! I also just wish that they'd like someone I date for once....they hated the last one too.
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if it's your money, it's really none of their business how you choose to spend it.
but it must be hard to not have their approval on your choice.
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I remember statistics all too well-its one really tough class.
As for the paying for breakfast-really try to not let it upset you. Parents can mean well but sometimes they just don't understand our lives sometimes.
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Thanks guys. I spoke to dad when I got home last night and he made me feel better...sometimes my sister and mom act like life is a soap opera and spend a lot of time digging up drama. I'd like them to approve sometime though, it IS very draining on me to be criticized while my sister only dates perfect men (mom cried when the last one broke up with her)....*ahem* after he cheated on her....but I digress.
So it will be ok, sometimes you just have to live your life and ignore the phone calls from back home.
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