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Turbo Scratcher - Not just for cats anymore!!

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Thread Starter really is not just for cats. This is proof.

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I loved the look he was giving you. He is such a cutie! I can almost guarantee that if we had a Turbo Scratcher around here, Scooter would go crazy trying to get that ball!
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Aww... look at that sweet face! Is that another foster? It was almost like she was looking at you to ask why it stopped moving. Very cute!
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Bear would have just started yelling at it after the first attempt
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Cute!! Love that head tilt!!
My girl has gotten the ball out of the turbo scratcher before.
I'm a paranoid dog mom so that has to be put away 'cuz I'm scared she'll choke on that little ball! She does have a lot of fun pawing at it though!
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Uh, I guess he's mine. Either that or.....he would cease to be. I still plan to keep him on petfinder & try to place him.

That's Jack....Jack-o-sarus.....I fostered him a few months back.
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You've been keeping him very quiet

Poor thing! He knows he can't get it and you can see he just wants to please you so much and get that ball for you!!

And Molly going in for a smooch
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"You almost had it, I'm sure of it!" dog= "what?!" (head tilt)

That was great!
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I did not know I was getting Jack back until Tuesday night. I only agreed to take him because I knew he was spectucular with the cats.....I mean even Damita (the blind kitty) & Ophelia Rose (the killer kitty) are OK with Jack.

The head tilt.....O-M-G has he got to be the smartest dog in the world! He listens so intently....tilting his head like that. He's mastered basic commands.....I can put together 3-5 word sentence commands & he'll follow through if he can learn them. He'll be tough to continue to come up with new commands for....he's one smart cookie!
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Awwwh! He's so cute!! Cat toys are so universal!! My dobe's fav toy ever is da bird
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