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Lump on head? What is it?

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Last night I noticed Spot has scratched a small area open behind his whiskers on his upper cheek. Then, upon examination, I felt a small lump on his head above his left eye that is about the size of a pea. He just finished 2 weeks of antibiotics for a UTI. What could it be???????????

I'm so worried.
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Whatdoes the lump feel like? Is it hard, does it move around? Squishy?? C'mon've worried your meowmy enough already!!
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Do you have other cats? Could it be a battle wound?
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It feels kinda hard, has hair--you wouldn't really even notice unless you felt it. When I pull the hair away it looks a little scabby.
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NO other cats around him now.
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could be a cyst from a bite but i would take him to the vet and check it out.
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Since you just moved into a new apartment and there IS a possibility that there may have been other pets there, my first thought would be a flea allergy. Lil Bit will get little bb size itchy swellings that she will eventually scratch open, if she doesn't have her flea meds. Since you do see a scab...that would be my first guess.

Then...there is always the possibility of a reaction from the antibiotics. I'd just give the vet a call and ask about the antibiotics....
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