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Further Adventures of Cosmo

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This morning I was having my coffee and watching the news in the living room. I could hear Cosmo in the kitchen - and I assumed he was playing with his interactive toy that hangs from the pantry door.
Several minutes later I saw him lying on the dining room rug with what I thought was a tupperware plastic container in his paws. So I got up to take it way from him and noticed water spreading all over my floor. Well evidently Cosmo decided to bring his gallon jug of Poland Spring water into the dining room. (I had filled their bowl last night and-big mistake- left the jug next to the fountain) He had (I think) dragged it by the handle - there were teeth marks all over the handle . Then he proceeded to chew the top corner of the jug, too. So with all the holes in the plastic and the fact that the jug was lying on its side, the water spilled out onto the carpet and ran onto the wood floors.
That rascally cat! He followed me into the kitchen, loudly demanding his new toy back. I gotta love that guy!
I will be posting pictures of him - he turns one year old on Sunday!
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I'm always amazed at how much they can pull with their teeth. Cosmo has very strong jaws.
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He is a very funny boy. Yesterday I put the almost empty gallon jug in the sink strainer. It was there last night when I got home. This morning Cosmo woke me up - he had (evidently) gotten the jug out of the sink and dragged (???) it into the bedroom and was chewing on it! I really have no idea what his fascination is with the water jug and why he likes to chew it. But I don't think that chewing on that plastic can be healthy, so I brought it to work to recycle!
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Got to love those active boys.
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Poor Cosmo will be lost without his water jug! What will he chew next?...
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Happy First Birthday, Cosmo! I just love cute kitty antics.
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I think that Cosmo should date Butzie. She is the feline of steel who moves cans and he is the one with the water jug. They can have a drink together and then Butzie will put the water jug in the recycle bin.
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