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There was nothing I could do

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This morning while driving to the train station, I witnessed something (on my birthday, no less) that I’d thankfully never seen before.

About 300 feet in front of me, I saw an animal suddenly dart across the street (a two-lane road). Unfortunately for the animal, a car was moving about 25-30 mph (normal speed for the area) in the opposite direction from me. The animal had absolutely no chance of crossing the street safely. The car hit the animal, the animal then seemed to get “tangled up” in the front driver’s side wheel, and finally ended up in the middle of the lane. I was horrified. I’ve seen plenty of road kill in my life, but always “after the fact”.

By this point I was very close to the accident site. There was nobody behind me so I slowed down and what I saw confirmed my worst fears, judging by the animal’s gait. As you’ve no doubt guessed, it was a cat.

I pulled into a nearby lot and ran out to check on the cat. Since I was only about a tenth of a mile away from my house, I was hoping to be able to scoop the cat up, put him or her on the back seat, drive back home, get a carrier, and rush the cat to the emergency vet.

Sadly, that wasn’t necessary. The cat was dead. The eyes were glassy and completely unresponsive to my hand motions, and there was no movement, no twitching, and no vocalization. There was quite a bit of blood in the stomach/pelvic area as well. I thought I was going to be sick.

What angers me (though doesn’t surprise me, given my low opinion of human nature) is that the driver did not even stop afterwards. Nor did he slow down. He was driving a small sedan and, using my cats’ weights as a rough guide, this cat must have weighed at least 12 pounds. The driver simply had to know that he hit something. It all happened to fast that I cannot fault the driver for not swerving to avoid the cat (which, as much as I love animals, I don’t recommend), or for not slamming on the brakes. But to not even break stride afterwards? To carry on as though nothing of significance happened?

There was no collar, so I have no idea whether this was someone’s pet. But regardless, a life was lost in gruesome fashion all the same.

An experience like this is probably commonplace for a number of you, particularly those of you who live in the suburbs. But it’s brand new to me, and I hope that I never see anything like it again. The only thing that would have made me feel worse is if I were the driver.

Rest in peace, little one. I’m sorry that there was nothing I could do to help you.
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Bless your heart for trying!!!

May the sweet angel cross over to the other side.
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Awwww, may the little one rest in peace. What a terrifying way to go

You are so brave to see that up close and try to help. I think I would lose my composure and be useless to help
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Bless your heart for stopping and trying to help. I had a similar experience a year or so ago. The vehicle in front of us hit a cat, and when I saw the poor cat he was thrashing around. My husband and I stopped and the poor cat died in my arms. It was so sad.

When I see a cat laying in the road from being hit, I have my husband stop and we move the cat off the road. I think it's awful that the people who hit them don't even bother to take them off the road.

RIP precious one
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I'm so sorry you had to witness that. Bless you for having the strength and compassion to stop and check on that poor cat. RIP precious one.
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So sorry that you had to see that. It is so sad when a car doesn't stop. You're right, the driver would have to have felt it. So nice of you to try to help.
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Bless your heart for having the compassion to stop and at least try to help that poor baby.

Rest In Peace, sweet baby
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RIP, unknown kitty. I'm sure you're playing happily over the bridge now.

Robert, I'm so sorry it happened, and especially that it was a cat. Especially on your birthday, though any day it's such a tragedy.

We live in a rural area, and I have NEVER seen anyone stop after hitting an animal. It is just an unbelievable outrage. And we've hit a bird - so I know for a fact that driver knew he hit an animal. Gary and I used to trap - but we still carry the trap, gloves, food and related necessary supplies in the trunk. Unfortunately - they're almost always dead. Someone in front of us hit a possum once, and - as usual - just kept going. We immediately pulled over - and the poor possum was so far gone and mangled that Gary just put the poor thing out of its misery. (Gary was in the army for many years and doesn't travel without a knife). But how people can be so cruel and so uncaring. For dead kitties, we at least give them a little burial and a prayer to send them on their way. At least they end their lives with a little dignity and caring.

Thank you for stopping. I know it's heart-breaking. I, too, hope you never have to witness such a thing again.

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So sorry you had to see that. Our Dog died like that. My Brother went out to walk her and a Car came out of no where and almost hit him. They did hit our Dog and she was on a leash. The Police came but they never were caught. My Brother ran in our house and told my Dad and he ran out to help but she died in his arms. She looked at him and died right there. People say Men do not Cry but that isnt true. My Dad cried. They hit her on purpose too. Our neighbor said the car was waiting by his house and soon as my Brother and the dog started crossing the street the Car sped away.
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Robert, I'm so sorry you had to witness that. Bless you for trying to help.

RIP little sweet fur person
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You did what you could Robert, and we are grateful for that, Bless you

Rest In Peace Kitty Play happily at the Bridge!
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I'm sorry you had to see that. You were wonderful to try to help.

I'm in my 60s and I've never witnessed an animal being hit. I doubt I would have your composure.
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I am so sorry that you had to see that sight on your birthday. And I am sure that if the little cat could send you an email, it'd go something like this:
Dear Robert,
Please do not apologize because you thought you have done nothing for me. In fact, you have done so much. You stopped, you examined me and you posted about me on TCS. Now cat lovers around the world mourn my passing, and their TCS kitties came running to greet me when I crossed the Bridge. Thank you, Robert, for being my friend. Until we meet again, take care! The Kitty over RB
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the above post says it all. bless you for stopping and being a friend to this precious kitty even though they had begun to cross the bridge. your actions would have aided their journey.

RIP little one. play happily with all our kitties.
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I haven't hit a domestic animal in a long time. The last big animal I hit was a deer, and it was in a place I couldn't stop (no shoulder, narrow 2-lane highway). He also did $1500 damage to my truck.

But I see cats and dogs all the time that have been hit. I could tell you the saddest stories about pets that should never have been out. I once saw two freshly killed chinchilla persians next to each other, both with collars on. Some of these things I can't explain, and it breaks my heart to see it.

When I was in high school, I saw our Siamese mom-cat get killed in the street in front of our house. I decided right then that if I ever had a cat, it would never go outdoors on its own. I knew the man who hit her, and he did not know he had.
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After just losing my own 12 yo kitty to a horrible death, I can assure you that there is a place in heaven for people who care as you do.
I pray that the poor furry "person" felt little pain and is now happily playing with my little fellow in kitty heaven.
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I saw a dog get hit by a truck, it wasn't gruesome thankfully. The truck seemed to 'glide' over the golden retriever and the dog just sort of stumbled in the ditch. When my sister checked on him, he was almost dead. There was other dogs there with him and after it happened, they went over to the dog and sort of stayed there for a bit. It was sad.

I also witnessed one of our kittens get hit and it took two trucks to take him down. I was only able to see him because of the truck lights, it was night. It was so terrible.

Almost all of my cats died by roadkill and it's horrible to witness. I hope all animals whom get hit to not die painfully and find it easily to cross the bridge.
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What a horrible experience for you and that poor baby

God speed over Rainbow Bridge sweet one. At least you weren't left on the roadside

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Bless you for stopping & being concerned.

RIP meow meow at the bridge.
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That would be really hard. I have a soft spot for all animals too, and whenever I see or hear about them suffering my blood boils; especially if it's at the hands of a human that simply could care less. I have to agree with you on the low opinion of human nature because the things people do to animals and just in general are unspeakable. I wish I could make everyone quit being so selfish and give compassion and selflessness a try instead of just doing what it takes to keep themselves happy without a care in the world for anything or anyone else.

The only positive aspect I can see of the whole experience is that regardless of the fact the poor kitty was killed in a tragic way; it was definitely fast. My guess is he was cruising along one moment and he just felt an immense pressure for a millisecond and it was over. That's absolutely ridiculous the driver didn't stop let alone even slow down. The jackass was probably in a rush to go do something pointless that's going to take even more from this earth rather than give. What a waste of good air IMHO.
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I`m sorry you had to witness that and bless your heart for stopping
Here in the Uk, for some reason it is only law that you must stop if you hit a dog. If you hit a cat, just carry on going It`s hard for me to think that some people would just carry on going whatever but sadly not everyone cares.
Thank God for people like you

Rest in Peace little kitty
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RIP little one!!!
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