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resting kitty

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nope not mine...
a resting leopard perhaps...
hmm cheetah?
anyway...taken at the zoo last year...
lets see what I come up with tomorrow...

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Awwww, a beautiful shot!
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Awww! I love wild kittys.
IMO looks like a Cheetah to me
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ya I have trouble with the leopard or cheetah? we had both here...
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Beautiful picture!
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Thats a cheetah!! Wouldn't you like to just snuggle up and take a nap with that!!!
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Looks like a Cheetah. I took a zillion pictures of the ones at the Sioux Falls zoo last year. I think they took up half of the total pictures I took that day, LOL. We just got to get up so close to them as they were basking in the sun, and the tour guide stopped the train right next to them. How could I resist!
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That's a cheetah. The easy way to tell them apart from leopards are those black lines that go down their face from their eyes.

Beautiful shot by the way.
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Pretty kitty -

Rather large - cat box is probably a bugger bear to clean though.
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Originally Posted by Kitten_Smitten View Post
Pretty kitty -

Rather large - cat box is probably a bugger bear to clean though.
ewwww! i know how smelly my 'little' cats are so yuck to cleaning that one out!
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Gorgeous cat. One of my tattoos is two baby cheetahs playing together in the grass, and it's extremely realistic. I love spotted kitties.

I'd hate to have to trim those nails, though!
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That is a beautiful photo of a big cat! He looks so happy
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aww sooo beautiful!

i love going to the zoo, & seeing all the wild cat's! the safari park's cool aswel, because sometime's the lion's walk right by the car.

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