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Daily Thread Thursday March 20th!

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Hellooooooooooooooooooooo and good morning!!

I am writing this from my sisters place..just about to leave to Ottawa

Sorry the daily is so late..I actually got to sleep in a bit today...good thing, I will need my beauty sleep.

I won't be online for 4 days So, hopefully the site doesn't break down without me

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!!
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Good morning everyone! I'm back at work today - I had to take yesterday off due to taking the husband to the ER then spending all day getting his meds and talking to the doctors (and I took Pepper to the vet). Anyway, back to normal today! Have a good day everyone!
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Have a fab time Nat!.

It's my last day as well until tuesday Housework tonight then i can relax for 4 days with the babies Were forecast snow as well
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Morning All!!!

It snowed lastnight and it looks like I have to do a little clean up before work..
On a happier note Happy First Day of Spring

Heading off to work shortly have several things to get done since I will be off for Good Friday Tomorrow.

Nothing special planned for after work just home and maybe a movie.

The kitties are good this morning, tearing around the house like banshee's right now.
Everyone have a good day
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Have a great time NAT!

I am trying to survive the day at work... I have been grapleing with this cold for the past 2 weeks and it's still hanging on.

I am planning on going into Ottawa on the weekend too. I am planning on visiting Laura (my friend that just had brain surgery to remove a tumour) she was transtered to the general hospital in Ottawa from Montreal on Monday. I will be so happt to see her.

Easter dinner is at my Cousin Kristina's place, the easter egg hunt kicks off at 3:00.
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Originally Posted by tierre0 View Post
On a happier note Happy First Day of Spring
OH YEAH!!! How did I miss that in the daily!?! Woooooohoooo SPRING!
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Morning all.

I got my new washer and dryer this morning. The cats were NOT happy at being so rudely awoken and scattered in every direction. What an ordeal that was.
Now all I have to do is read ten thousand pages of washer and dryer instructions and I can start to do laundry!

Other then that, nothing interesting happening today. I'm enjoying my day off and as usual going to be ducking calls from work. wouldn't be so bad if they called me for important things, but they call to chat, and tell me things they can write to me in notes, for the next day, and just plain stupid things.
I've given the torch over to the new manager even though from what I hear, she knows NOTHING about our store. This ought to be interesting when our co-brand opens in a week. I'm expecting nothing less then chaos when the store opens. But that's the pessimest in me. We'll see...

Have a great day everyone...
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today, i had a lazy day! i needed it after yesterday!
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