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Yay, foster kitties!

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Here is the long story: My boss's parent's neighbours moved. They left their cat behind. Just shut her outside and... left. His parents have been feeding her. And watching her.. grow, and realizing she's .. pregnant.

My boss really wants the cat, but has no experience with animal births, and is a little bit squemish. He wants the pregnant cat, and has homes lines up for the kittens.

Short version: I get to foster an EXTREMELY loving cat, and her kittens for 8 - 10 weeks!

I love newborn kittens, and with a houseful of cats (9 of my own), I figured I wouldn't be home to kittens anytime soon. But this gives me the pleasure of teeeny kittens without increasing my permanant number.

I picked up the cat and took her to the vet tonight (my boss is covering all the vet costs, as this is his cat). She's healthy, 2 - 3 years old, FIV and FeLV negative, and about 45 - 50 weeks along. I got to see at least two babies on the ultrasound

I have her secluded in my bedroom/bathroom, so she doesn't get stressed out by meeting new cats, and I keep checking on her. She is a TOTAL cuddlebunny. From the minute I picked her up, she's been purring nonstop She has good quality kitten food to eat (and will have wet food occasionally), clean water, I made her a box filled with towels (but from past experiences, know that she'll pry give birth in like.. my suitcase).

I'm so excited I'll have to post pictures later, she looks like she swallowed a bowling ball
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How lucky for you! What a deal!
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Terrible that her family turned her out and left... and WONDERFUL that there are some kind and caring people in her life NOW!!!

Keep us posted and show pics!!
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Thank you for what you're doing! And a pox on those callous neighbors.

I admittedly have no experience with kittens, but so many reputable sources highly recommend keeping them with the mother for 12 weeks if possible, to increase the likelihood that they'll learn all that they need to learn. Just thought I'd pass that along. Don't get me wrong, 8-10 weeks is great. It just seems that 12 weeks is more advisable.

Best of luck!
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So, as of last night, she's showing signs of nesting... she seems to like my closet (ack), so as a precaution, I laid down some old towels back there. Not the ideal place (I really hoped she would have liked the lined/covered dog cage :P) but we'll deal.

No milk yet, but with her nesting, I expect it's within the week. From the estimate the doctor gave, at this point, she's between 54 - 59 days along. Unfortunately, I'll be in DC this weekend (I live in Michigan), but my mom has agreed to come over every day and check on her. I'm hoping for either before or after!

I'll have to grab pictures tonight. I've taken to calling her my temporary bowling ball kitty She's sooo affectionate, and sleeps next to me at night (which, I guess, could also mean she could give birth on my bed... mebbe it's time to put the OLD comforter on!)

So excited!
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