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I won a prize!!

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On Monday an art site that I'm a member of had a "Treasure Hunt" contest. The idea was to find 11 four leaf clovers that contained the letters of the stie name. Then you emailed in the links of the page where each clover was found. Today they had a random draw and 10 lucky people won a prize package of goodies: An art book, various articles of clothing with their logo on it, a pocket calendar and a $25.00 gift certificate to their store!

I was one of the lucky 10 people!!
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That's cool, Congrats
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Nice, Linda!!
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eheh that is cool
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Linda, that is great!
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Cool! Well done, Linda!
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That is Great. I am glad you won.
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Thanks everyone! I'm thrilled! I don't often win things so I'm over the moon!
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