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Hi everyone, I adopted my cat Johnny last June, and he was treated for a URI before I got him. They told me that when a cat get these, they will typically get them throught thier lives. I just came down with a cold on monday, and he started sneezing on monday as well. Could he have caught it from me? His eyes have started to water, so I am pretty sure he has a URI again. Is this something that will go away? It is not possible for me to get him into his vet until middle of next week, so is there anything I can give him in the meanwhile to help him?

thanks so much!
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It didnt come from you. Cat and people Colds are not the same. My Coco has a bad Uri right now and is on cephalexen. It is her 2nd Uri since Jan. The Vet said that can happen. Your Cat may keep getting them. Coco started with her Asthma last week and got a Depo shot then it went to a terrible Cold. Yesterday she got the Antibiotic. Your Cat should go to the Vet.
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Hi - I have a persian that gets these all the time. I usually wait a week to see if he can kick it on his own. Sometimes it does go away on its own, and then other times he needs an antibiotic. If it lasts longer then 1 week I would go to the vet. It has been my experience that once they get a URI they will be prone to them throughout their lifetime. Colds can't be passed between cats and humans, but URI's are contagious from cat to cat.
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