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Prayers needed for my grandpuppies

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I talked to my daughter a few minutes ago, and her dogs are missing. They don't know if they got out some how or if some one got them.

Tootsie is a yellow lab and Belle is a black setter.

Her husband is out looking for them right now. And I am worried, I am 70 miles away and I can't go help look for them.

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Oh no! They must be frantic.

Sending mega "come home" vibes to your grand puppies, Tootsie and Belle
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Sending come home vibes for the pups!
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Sending tons of come home soon vibes!
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Tell her to call everyone in her town that has anything to do with animal control...our elderly lab got out last summer (no collar) when the gate blew open in a wind storm. I called so many people and finally the sheriff got me in touch with the right person, and by a HUGE stroke of luck the people who happened to find him got in touch with this person too, and we were reunited.

Just going out and looking got us nowhere as he went in a direction that we never expected, and he also went much farther than we thought a 15 year-old dog could go.

Hope they are home soon!
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Hope they're home soon, Bea!
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Oh No Bea Come home safe vibes
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Thanks everyone.

They found Tootsie, he was at a friends house about a mile or so away. They still have not found Belle yet, but Belle is a street smart dog. My daughter found Belle after Katrina, so we don't know anything about her or where she came from. But she is real smart, and she knows how to take care of herself, we are hoping she will just get tired of rambling and come home tonight.
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Tootsie is back.

One more to go....
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Desirée just called, Belle is home. Now I can quit worrying.

Thanks for the prayers for my grandpuppies. I appreciate them.
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Cool! Glad they're safe.
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glad to hear they both made it home safe.
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Woo woo!! The vibes of TCS come through again!!!

So glad they both are safe and sound!!!!
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Both grandpuppies are home.
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Thank God Bea
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Bea, I just saw this thread..I am so glad they are both home safe
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