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scarlet had kittens

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scarlet gave birth this morning to 3 little boys. i thought she was done but less then an hour ago she had 2 more. the last one she gave birth to didnt make it. he was stillborn. the other 4 are doing just fine. the little grey one has deformed front paws but that should correct itself after he starts walking. if not the vet can fix it.
and here they are.

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what a lovely rainbow of mixed colors! tell Scarlet well done &
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Congrats. So you have 2 creams, 1 tabby or blue or torti I cant tell and a black and white? They are adorable.
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What Cute Kittens.
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thanks. its 2 orange. cant really see it in the pic but they are light orange one grey and a solid black. all boys.
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Yay!! Congrats!
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Congratulations!! They are adorable!
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Congrats!! They are so cute!!
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they are beautiful! Love the photos with mom
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thanks all. i was a little worried about them because they are so small. but they made it through the first night and everybody has a fat belly.
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What little beauties. So sorry to hear that her last darling didn't make it, but she's got some lovely ones!
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What a beautiful family! And Scarlett looks like she is going to be a great meowmy!
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How does the little gray ones paws look today? They sure are a lovely little family!
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well it looks like making a fist. only way i can explain it but its only the front paws. the back ones are just fine.
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What a lovely family Scarlet.

Sending vibes that the little girls paws correct themselves.

Another little sweetie is now at the Bridge.
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Will it stretch out?? Or is it like a human "club foot?" Poor baby. Does it interfere with his ability to knead when nursing?
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well the vet said most of the times it will correct on its own. if not after 2-3 month to bring him in and see waht he can do to fix it.
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