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Cat/Dog Photo Shoot!! *Pic Heavy*

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So, the other day I decided since Jack and Bonnie ((our Old Lady Border Collie/Pitt Bull, Pointer)) seemed to be Best Friends that Day that id take Pics of them Sun Bathing together. King happened to Join us a couple times

The first pic taken...

Getting Comfy!...

King came to Join us...

King Rest with us...

Getting More comfy...

Our Beautiful Youngest Boy...

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King still resting with us...

Jack decided he wanted to play.. this was taken seconds before King bit Jacks neck, then left...

King has now left.. Bonnie rest and Jack wonders...

Bonnie still resting... I love the twinkle in her eye!

And the old girl sits up to pose... (No King)


Jack again...

Ok thats all... I thought I got some awsome Pics.. some of my best yet!!
Hope you enjoyed!!!
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You have a sunbeam. I'm jealous.

Oh, and some cute critters.
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What a unique dog!!!! I could see the border collie in the color, but then saw pitt in the face! What an interesting mix. She's a gorgeous dog though!!!!!

Those are great pictures! They all look so happy together!!!
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Great pics!!!
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Some very nice pics indeed! I love how the sun comes shining in
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Great pictures!
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Gosh! the sun was awsome that day... I just couldnt pass up the chance to get pics!!
The sun was so warm that after taking pics I layed down next to Bonnie to get warm ((it was freezing in the house and that was the warmest spot)).

Bonnie is a very unique dog... she was a rescue so her exact breed is still unknown ((hence wanting to get her DNA tested)) but we narrowed it down to those 3 breeds. She likes to "Herd", she likes to trail hunt in the woods, she does the "point" and she is strong and very protective. Oh and SUPER smart!! lol

Ahem... ignore the lawn chair in the house! lol we had to bring it in for the winter cuz our landlord didnt finish building the porch.. it snows on our porch.
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Cute pics...
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cute picture's!
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Adorable pics
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