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Ssscat reviews?

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Hi there,
I'm looking for a solution to keep my cats off my leopard gecko tank. So far I've tried tinfoil (they just go up there anyway), tape (found in a ball on the floor), saying "no" when I am around, and spraying them when I'm around (with water). Currently I have a car floor mat upside down on top of the tank...which seems to not be such a deterrent....still finding the light moved in the morning, and if I don't tuck it under the lock, it gets thrown off.
The problem isn't that they try so much when I'm in the room, but rather when I go to bed or when I'm not home. If I get up to the sound of them up there, as soon as I hit the hallway I hear the "thump thump" of "oh no! she's coming! we didn't do it, we swear!"
Someone suggested ssscat on my reptile forum, but I'd like to hear reviews first.
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I hear your dilemma, I don't think SSSCat is the best idea though. It could cause more of a disaster if there is a hostile, panic response and all ends up on the floor or turned over. Or no response at all!
What I would do is build a 3 sided box that fits over the tank, leaving a few inches spaced around the inside and extended over the edge. This way they can sit up there if they want, but probably will loose interest real fast, especially since you won't have to chase after them!
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Let me know if it works. I have heard good reviews about it too. I keep my reptiles in another room behind closed doors where kitties are never allowed.
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Yeah, I'm still considering it, because I can put it on my desk which is what they jump up on to get to the bookshelf where the tank is....I don't go near the desk much (have a laptop) and it wouldn't mean an interference with the actual tank.

Unfortunately I live in a one bedroom apartment, so I don't have a second room to put my lizards in right now....hopefully by the end of the summer my boyfriend and I hope to have a 2 bedroom for the purpose of a lizard/computer room. I will also need somewhere to lock him in when he gets annoying
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