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Is it ok to let your cat get dizzy?
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I'm not sure what you mean. Is your cat acting dizzy, or are you asking if it's alright to whirl the cat around and watch him stumble when you put him down on the floor?

In either case, no, it is NOT ok to let the cat get or be dizzy.
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I've had kittens chase after their own tails then stumble or fall over. It's kind of hard to prevent kittens from acting like kittens... My two have chased after toys (ball in a laundry basket, hanging toys too) or jumped up on the computer chairs with so much force that they'll spin around a few times, thus making themselves a little dizzy. If it happens like that it's not particularly harmful. Don't let it happen very often and preferably not after meals...

There's no reason to try to purposely make a cat dizzy though, we don't exactly like the feeling (unless you're odd), so it stands to reason that they won't either.
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oh no! I never purposefully make them dizzy! No,no,no!!!
Sometimes the Cat dancer gets on the floor and when one end is in Jassie's mouth she'll start chasing the other end....so she ends up going in circles....getting dizzy. I stop her....my husband thinks she'll stop herself .
that is why I ask.
she never gets the cat dancer on the floor unsupervised.
I figure if you guys say to stop her, maybe the hubby will listen to you and me!!
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I think it's fine. My cats do this with the cat dancer and the laser pointer too sometimes. If they get dizzy they just lie down for a moment and then get back to playin'!
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Maggie will chase the laser pointer in circles until she falls down dizzy. She just rests until she's no longer dizzy and goes right back at it! It doesn't seem to bother her.
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