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Cat doesn't meow?

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I adopted an adult from the shelter last Sunday. So far he seems to adjust well to his new home. He's friendly to everyone, doesn't object to being handled, and uses the litter box. I noticed that he has never meowed, and sleeps a lot (don't know if he sleeps more than the average adult cat), and is kind of lazy. When he's laying down, and I dangle a string of yarn in front of him, he will try to catch it with his front paws, but usually won't get up, or chase the string. Is this behavior normal?
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Now I know there is nothing wrong with him, because he meows after sex.
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my Java rarely meows... or purrs, for that matter. she's a very quiet cat!
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hehhe i think hes ok. all cats are differnet.. my old kitty was very silent too. he meowed only when absolutly necessary while my new one meows when he objects to things or even to say hello. he is much more vocal! i think your kitty is fine, hes just quiet.
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Some cats "talk" very little. If you talk to him a lot, he will likely start to talk more to you.

Cats, on average, sleep something like 18 hours per day. Or, at least they look like they're sleeping. There will be times when they are more playful, and there are times when nothing you can do will tempt them into playing. There are a few toys that are extremely popular (Da Bird, for one) that seems to tempt almost any cat into play.
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Congratulations to you for adopting a shelter kitty!

In addition to the above, it could also be he never really got played with, and just doesn't know what play is. Or he's still just adjusting. How old is he? Our almost-6 year olds don't play nearly as much as they used to. One of our boys can't be enticed to chase anything - unless it zig-zags around in a really dart-like fashion - and then disappears underneath something like a throw rug or a pillow on the floor. Then he absolutely bonks out trying to dig it out.

Our kitties are all feral rescues. Their moms teach them NOT to talk. None of our cats talked - until our deaf kitty arrived home. She is not mute, just deaf. It took a couple of years for a few of them, but they all started talking after that.

I think he's fine. Maybe still adjusting a little bit.

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