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Caption This News!

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Come one, come all to the Caption This forum!

Beginning in the month of March, each winner of the daily caption contest will have his/her name put onto a drawing for a special surprise from our good friends at:


Check out their site! Lots of fun stuff!

Obviously, this monthly contest is open to TCS members only.

So, hurry on over to Caption This and add a caption to one of our great member-submitted pictures. The laugh you will get from reading others' captions brightens anyone's day.

Good luck!
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Wow Deb - What an incentive!! They have the coolest stuff there.
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Yes they do- and their 7X7 catnip pillows are a hit at this house!
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Wow! I get to spam and win a prize!!

This is too cool! Thank you TCS for feeding my addiction and rewarding it!

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LOL Kass! Glad we could oblige you- but you still have to have your name drawn- so you can win!
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How about people who aren't funny, but have donated the funny pics get their names entered when their pic is used? And what if you win twice in a month, do you get entered twice? (Cause if ya do, I think Deb just came up with an ingenious way to snag free stuff!)
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Actually Lola, Deb will withdraw from the contest should she win, as that is only fair, and the second place winner will take home the prize. If you have a winning photo submit it to Meowhoo.com photo contest, and perhaps you will win the vote for the month it displays!
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Think I'll throw in both the names of the picture-taker and the caption winner for each day's contest. And, YES, the more times you win, the more your name gets added. As Hissy said, I won't put my own name in when I win.... *sigh*...but that won't stop me from putting up captions! I did win a CatNipEtc. prize pack from Meowhoo. It was chock full of grrrreat stuff!
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This is so cool! I'm so bummed I haven't had time to visit Caption This recently, Deb. (...but as you can see by this late post, I'm still just trying to catch up on so much stuff I've been missing!)
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Tsk...tsk, Laurie. No prizes for you! As we type, I am wearing my VERY cool cap from CatNipEtc.
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i LOVE doing captions!! to much fun!
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I love captions too, I can't wait to see the photos I submitted. I haven't seen one yet, but I know they're filtering through...
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