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So whats the best way to deal with home sickness?

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I never thought this would happen! I want to be independent, I want to not think that my family needs me to take care of them anymore, I want to be happy here and not deal with this whole lonely feeling. I have so many issues with meeting new people and tend to be a bit weary of people I don't know. I am trying to get over this and get into the social norm but it is so hard! I miss my cats horribly and my family and I hate being this way! I want to enjoy the company of people and have normal relationships with people...Maybe even date again. Bleh.

Any advice on the social world?

Any advice on how to stop thinking about home?
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Get out, get busy, etc. Best I can think of. I know it's not easy. I hate meeting new people and I don't trust anyone. But eventually you do find certain folks you can click with and hang out with and that helps tons! I miss my home a lot (I'm 6 hours away), but I cannot imagine living with my folks again.
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homesickness can hit so hard Years ago, I went from a small mountain community to the city of Santa Cruz, back in the late '70s. I wrote some letters to my eldest brother, who saved them, and when he was killed, my SIL gave them back to me - what treasures they are now! I wrote about so many different things, including seeing men kissing for the first time, getting "mimed" at the Pacific Garden Mall, and being so lonely for my cats that I would walk at all different times of day and night, and meet the cats of the neighborhood who always sensed my loneliness & came out to meet me!
To this day, I am always meeting cats wherever I travel
I also like to stop and talk to the elders who are busy working in their yards - every life has its story & every story is sooo facsinating.
Try listening to music - Tom Petty's "American Girl" has some great lyrics and if you like country or folk tunes at all, listen to Dave Stamey's "Tonopah".
And don't forget to keep your TCS family updated!!! And remember, we love
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i just had the idea, that where ever i hang my hat at that night is home.
books, games, internet
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What are your interests? Can you get involved in a shelter, or TNR or other kitty related volunteer stuff? Can you join some dancing classes? Learn photography? Learn a language? Join a bushwalking club?

Unfortunately as you get down, you stay at home more which makes your more depressed. If you get out and join in social activities, you will start meeting people and having more fun. You don't have to become their best friend, or invite them around to your house as soon as you meet them. But you'll find as you try new things, you'll meet like-minded people who will invite you into their social circle, and before you know it - a whole new world has opened up to you.

Take it from someone who has lived in 4 different countries, and settled in 5 different cities.
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