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Question of the Day - March 19th!

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when you were little, did your parents hide Easter baskets around the house for you?

My mom did and every year we would get a slinky and a kite among other things too, but I rememeber searching eveywhere for those baskets. As I got older she would hide them in more and more difficult places
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No, mine was always on the dresser when I woke up.
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No, mine were in my bedroom when i woke up on easter sunday
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My parents used to hide different easter gifts throughout the house, it was fun searching for them!
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A slinky and kite, how fun! Any particular reason for those?

My mom hid chocolate bunnies a few times, but I guess it wasn't a very regular tradition. She was more into the Sunday mass and dinner. We dyed eggs sometimes, too.
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No, my mom is a Christian and believed that Easter was just for church... and that Easter baskets and eggs and such were the work of the devil.
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She still does it for us too I go home for Easter & stay with my parents & she still hides them for me and my brother Makes me feel like I'm young again!
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No, they did hide easter eggs after church and before lunch. We always found our baskets on our dressers Easter morning.

I still give my boys small baskets for Easter. They're 17 and 14.
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...Mexico doesn´t has that tradition...
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nah..she would just give me an easter bunny...
white chocolate though :-) it was my fav.
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My mom used to just put them on the table, but there were always eggs hidden everywhere. There was always the foil wrapped eggs and the plastic ones, which she put money inside of.
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Yeah, I miss that. One year my grandpa his plastic eggs around the yard and each one had a clue to where the other egg was. The last egg led me to my candy.
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Mine was always on the kitchen table. The eggs were hidden later in the yard. One year a live wire came loose and landed near where several were hidden. I think we never recovered them.
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we had an easter egg hunt when I was a child my cousin Kristina was normally the person with the most loot at the end so we had to split it up evenly.
We also normally recived clothing too Mom says it's a Scottish tradition
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My mom would hide chocolate bunnies and chocolate eggs and peeps around the house.

She was pretty good at it. It took me a while to find all of it.

Kept me out of her hair for the afternoon
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Nope They were always put on the table in the same spot, every year lol! ! When the weather is warm though I do set up easter egg hunts for my niece and nephews, the past few years the weather hasnt been good enough though to do it again !
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We had the coolest Easters. My mom would hide Hershey kisses all over the house before we woke up. Then my brothers and I would walk into the living room together where we were surprised with our Easter baskets (kites, toys, candy and such). Then after we opened them we spent the morning hunting for kisses. The funniest part is that we'd find kisses all over the house throughout the entire year as my mom couldn't always remember everywhere she hid them. It was always a little treat to find one later.
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We always got huge Easter baskets with all sorts of special treats, but they were on the dining room table when we woke up. Nobody hid anything.
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I vaguely remember searching for Easter baskets and stuff. Mostly I remember going to Easter church service and Easter dinner with family.
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We didn't do baskets, but there was all manner of loot hidden around the house. I remember one year someone thought the upturned lampshade on the trilight would make a neat place to hide something. They didn't expect the light to be turned on before the BridgeMix was found.

We continued the tradition when my brother's kids were little, and they have continued it with their kids.
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Actually my Dad use to, he would get a kick out of following us around telling us if we were getting close or not..Eventually if we couldn't find one he would show us himself..

I remember my mom saying "Bill your as bad as they are".
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from what i can remember, yeh! LOL, i think she did!
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