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Small Vibes Request?

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Jess passed her CNA certification test

She has an interview today at 3pm at the brain trauma center. She's interested in that, but what she really wants is to get a CNA position at the nursing home where she's already working (as an activities aide.) She's put her application in, but she hasn't gotten an interview yet.

So I guess I'm asking for vibes that her interview goes well today, and also that she gets an interview for the job she really wants! She said she doesn't know what's she's going to say if the brain trauma place offers her a job! Yikes! Haha...

Thanks for the good energy!
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*vibes* good luck for her!!!!
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Good luck to her!!
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Good luck to her!
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Many for her!! Good Luck too!
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Good luck to Jess!
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sending many many that Jess gets the job that she wants
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First a congratulation on passing her test

Lots of get the best job vibes coming from me too
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Good luck going her way!!
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Sounds like things are coming together for Jess.
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