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Daily Thread HUMP day March 19th!

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Only one more sleep until I am in Ottawa

Off to work today...hopefully I get something good accomplished before I go away. Its always nice to go away satisfied with my work.

I have a bunch of errands to run today to get ready..running around and cleaning and cuddling Trout

Mild and rainy again today..no worries though its better than cold and snow!

Have a great days folks!
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Oooo! How exciting!

Today is rainy and high of 45F....it's 41F right now.

Whitey is super playful...he kept crying at me in the bathrooom until I conceded and threw toys down the stairs (he loves that game).

Work work work today.
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It's cold and sunny here.

Going for drinks at my neighbours tonight but i won't be staying long with having work tomorrow.
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Morning All!!!

Very damp here this morning and we have major fog from the melting snow.

Heading off to work in a bit, nothing to pressing to do today, go over some purchase orders and do scheduling a day early because of the holiday Friday.

I am quite looking forward to being off Friday since everything in town is closed I will have an excuse to stay in the house all day...If the weather is warm I might venture out onto the deck..

The kitties are fog watching this morning, they can barely see the people walking by but the shadows sure are fascinating to them.

Everyone have a good one
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Tonight I have a meeting from 5-8 at work about credit cards. I really don't want to go to that, especially because its my day off.

Just doing some laundry today. I didn't get any done on the weekend because I was away and have been too tired after work on Monday and Tuesday. It is warming up outside. I can't wait until it gets warm and stays warm. I really hate the winter.
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hello everyone! i had such a busy day yesterday! i went & had a look at the cattery, am taking Izzy to in July, it was sooo lovely! the lady was wonderful! sooo, that's all booked up now, & the deposit's payed!
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