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question about tumors and biopsys in dogs

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I hang around on a long hair care forum and today a woman posted in the pet section about her dog. I got her permission to cross post to some animal forums. I posted on two of my dog sites, but I'm not getting many responses. I know that this is a cat site, but I also know that there are alot of knowledgable dog people on this site too. It probably doesn't even matter if this was a dog or a cat. I'm sure that the question can relate to both animals. I have never had to deal with tumors and biopsys, so I couldn't really answer everything in depth as is needed. I know that alot of you here have dealt with tumors in your dogs and cats and are much more knowledgable in this subject than I am. So here is her post .................................................. ..........................

Well my dog has developed a mysterious tumor (pronounced TOU-ma - JK) on his back . I went in for an exam and asked the Dr. about it this afternoon. I have watched it grow for about a month, it is black and lumpy, although not larger that a tiny freshwater pearl (the only descriptive i could think of..) and relatively flat(like a wart? a flat one). I NEED to have his nails cut, under anesthesia, because he is intolerant of having them done. I've been through it all, and in order for the Dr. to trim them properly, the quicks and stuff, he must be put under. So I was thinking of having the tumor removed at the same time. It is going to cost 200$ just for his nails and the fixin's, plus an additional 200 for the tumor and biopsy.
So my question is this .. Can I forgo a $100 biopsy? I mean if I get it cut off...I can save 100$ And I am not by any means wealthy. I wanted to get his nails done now, so that I could just walk him in the summer and grind em on pavement, and then have him sedated and trimmed in the winter..I just figure that if he has any more melanomas on his skin, I will notice them immediately, like this one. But, 400$ for a surgery??? OMG . Are there any homeopathic doggie cures for weird growths? I am more than willing to spend 20 dollars on something that "may " not work, as I am willing to get it cut off ASAP if need be. I just don't want my boy sick.
On a side note, he has very short hair (shar pei/ aussie shep mix) so I can see changes in his skin.
Thanks for your help and attention in this!
-monica and legs
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Just bumping this........
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Are you serious? NOBODY can answer this???
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I would get the biopsy done because if it ends up being something like some type of cancer, or a tumor that will cause more tumors, at least you'll know. The owner will also know in the future if it is just a cyst that is doesn't necessarily need removing.

I would just go forward with it, lumps of any kind aren't a "normal" thing, so I would want to make sure it wasn't something serious.

I would also however go to another clinic asking for a quote on tumor removal, and then request a nail trim. I know at our clinic usually all sedation procedures we trim nails regardless and don't charge extra unless it's specified, and even then it's like a $20 charge or something? Maybe $15, just the cost of a nail trim. So I realize this person may like their vet a lot, but $200 for a nail trim is insane when the dog is being sedated for tumor removal. I mean, maybe if they insisted the dog be quiked all over, but even then they should get them pretty short without quiking every toe.

So basically, I'd send it in to make sure that I would know what future lumps might be.
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Originally Posted by Plebayo View Post
$200 for a nail trim is insane
That's what I thought too even with the anesthesia.
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I would do the biopsy and ASAP.
Melanoma is nothing to fool with, but if the tumor can be removed entirely (clean margins) before it spreads, it can be stopped.
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I'm kind of uncomfortable responding to this. The lump on one of my dogs' rear ends turned out to be a stage 1 mast cell tumor and sometimes the only way to find out is with a biopsy. Yes, it costs $$ to take it out and to get the biospy done, but I really wanted the truth about what to expect and what the prognosis is. I can't say anything about the price of nail trimming (seems like a lot, but then I do it myself so it's free), but getting the lump removed and biopsy cost $600. Dogs do sometimes get mysterious fatty lumps and harmless cysts, but sometimes it is cancer and then you want it out of there sooner rather than later.
I hope it turns out to be benign.
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Thanks for the replies. She has decided to go ahead and get the biopsy. I'm glad.
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A lot of my dogs have had benign tumors. Fatty tumors are usually lumps that are very pliable and feel like they have pus in them. But if this one is flatish, I would have a biopsy done.

$200 for a nail trim, even with sedation? That is highway robbery!! Spike just went in for a full tumor removal that took the vet about 2 hours to remove (it was intertwined between his toes). They charged $500 and that included the lab fees.
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