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Pollyanna is missing :(

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I dont write here often, so I feel I have to intoduce myself each time! I actually only written in the behavior forum, so first time in this forum.
Well, I have two cats, Pollyanna (6,5 years) and Feykirofa (4). Feykirofa is a happy, not so clever cat, who loves attention and to cuddle. Pollyanna on the other hand is very clever, quiet cat who likes things under control without surprises. She is very affectionate with "her" people, but feels bad if meeting more than one stranger at a time. Pollyanna really ownes me, we have been through thick and thin together and I think she can read my mind! Anyway, we are very connected, and the is always there for me. If I argue with someone, she stands beside me and makes a noise herself, and if I feel bad she crowls onto my lap and purrs loudly.
She has often been ill through the years and now she was getting very thin and ill looking, so I thougt of taking her to the wet soon, allthough we went for a checkup in January.
So, I dont know if it was her health, or that she was on heat, and I started giving her the pill to stop it, as I probably would soon get her spayed, since she probably has not the health to have kittens; but yesterday she snug out and now, 36 hours later she hasnt come back and I feel so very bad. She usually stays indoors and takes short trips out to the garden or around the house, but she never stays out long. And it is so cold in this corner of Iceland now, which makes this very hard if she is hurt somewhere.
I know that cat do get missing, and do get hit by cars, but Pollyanna isnt just any cat, (well no cats are) so I feel I have lost a close relative. I do love Feykirofa, but we are not so connected as Pollyanna and I.
I am just so sad and worried, I just cant stop crying - and hoping, and I knew that here would be people who would understand my feelings.
Well, this is too long allready, sorry for that.
Regards, Sesselja
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I'm sorry your little girl is missing. Sending some come home vibes your way!

Did you try going outside with a treat can and shaking it for her to hear? I've heard that cats that get out stay near the house in a lot of cases... so you might want to peek in bushes around your house and such. I hope she comes home soon!
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I hope Pollyanna comes home soon! Prayers and positive thoughts are on the way!!!

I have provided a link to a thread where Hissy, who is one of the more knowledgeable members, has posted excellent information on how to find a missing cat.
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Sending major positive thoughts out your way!! Come home Pollyanna, Sesselja needs you!

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Thank you very much for your positive prayers and vibes, they really help!
I just got in from one of my walks around the neighbourhood to try to find Pollyanna. I have been walking the streets, clicking and calling her name, but no answer. The clicking is usually enough, and usually just out the window. When I come home, and Pollyanna is outside, she recognizes the car and comes running, greeting me, so I know she doesnt go far. I have also been driving around the neighbourhood now and to a bit further away streets.
The information from Hissy is very helpful, thank you for that Lorie.
I have now printed out a color picture, so tomorrow I can put up ads in the local shop and in the newspaper.
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Be sure that you post the pictures at eye level if you can. Good luck!
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Thats right Kass, I do need her so much!
And the thought of her beeing lost or maybe injured and cold, or even worse, not understanding why, and Im not there to help her and comfort, is just to hard
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Sending more Come Home vibes your way!!!
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I'm keeping hope alive for you! You may have already tried this, but try going out looking for her at really quiet times of the day, like 5 in the morning. That way, you can hear her meow when you call her name. My Harry once went missing for 2 days and it was devastating. Luckily, he was fine, just stuck in the neighbor's yard! The brush was too thick for him to find his way out and the fence was too high for him to jump over. Once I heard his meow, I tracked him down and went into the yard to help him get out. We're all sending good thoughts and prayers for a happy reunion! Take care, Angela
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Oh no . I hope that Pollyanna comes home today. I am sending come home vibes your way from little old PA.
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Any news on Pollyanna?
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hope Pollyanna comes home soon!!!
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I hope you find her! Best of luck with the flyers.
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I am sorry to hear about your little kitty. Over the weekend, one of our cats was missing for 2 days and we found her on the roof of all places. Keep your hopes up and look in ALL unexpected places You never know where she might turn up.

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Sending come home vibes and warm purrs for Pollyana. Come home!!!
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Thank you all so much for your good thoughts and vibes!! That has been so helpful!
My worrytears changed into happytears, when suddenly last night (its noon here now) Pollyanna just came in through the window as she had never left!
She was very dirty and smelling of oil and very very hungry. After a meal of tuna and cream, some cuddle and a lot of purring, she cuddled up in her favorite chair and has hardly moved since.
She is so skinny, the poor thing, and I worry now that she has met the Feline Romeo and will get pregnant. Before she went missing, there was obviously something wrong, so will pregnancy be too much for her health???
I am soooo happy to have her back, I dont want to risk loosing her againg.
Sesselja - and Pollyanna Scarlet
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If you have any health related questions regarding her return, feel free to post again in Health and Nutrition. Normally I would have moved this thread, but I think it belongs here in the lounge considering it started out as a "please come home" thread!!

I hope she recovers and is healthy and happy again. :angel2:
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Yay! I'm so happy for you that she came home!
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Yay!!!! I'm so happy your little girl came home to you!

As for if she can be pregnant... well, if she's not spayed, it's definitely a possibility. Unspayed females will try to get outside or get away during heat to find a mate. If you're planning on getting her spayed, that behavior should stop. (And I believe they can do it even if she's pregnant, though it may cost more.) Oh, and you may want to bring her into the vet to have a check-up if anything seems 'off' to you about her. Hope everything goes well!
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