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Does anyone else have a hummingbird yet?

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I was on the phone with Sibohan2005 and saw my first hummer show up for the year. A very pretty male Black-chinned Hummingbird. Anyone else have one yet?
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No, but I can't wait. They usually don't arrive in my area until late April.
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I think this is the earliest I have had one show up.
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Not yet ,but I have my feeder out and ready
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No. We. Don't. Have. Them. Here.

Not that I am jealous or anything
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Originally Posted by Epona View Post
No. We. Don't. Have. Them. Here.

Not that I am jealous or anything
Same here. I miss hummingbirds - I used to love watching them suck from the flowers of the butterfly bush.

I have a good view of a butterfly bush and I see plenty of butterflies, but no hummingbirds.
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Has anyone here ever seen a hummingbird nest? A few years ago, there was one in my backyard. The nest was smaller than my fist and I actually saw tiny heads pop up. The hummingbird was actually perching on a branch by the nest. It was so cool to see one being still!
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i live in SoCal and have them all year long.
i saw a hummingbird nest with 2 eggs a few years back. i couldn't believe how tiny it was
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No not yet and it be about 1.5 months yet. However I am all prepared while shopping the other day I came across the cutest little hummingbird feeder which I just had to have...
I have a spot out on my deck just outside the kitchen window to hand it when the times comes..
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Not sure if we do or not but the kitties are being so good and keeping an eye out for one for me. They keep me up to date on everything with wings that goes by the window.
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We have a hummingbird exhibit here at the Detroit Zoo. The nests are tiny and the eggs are the size of regular EAster-type jelly beans.

My condo is near wetlands and we get a lot of dragonflies. One time when I was in my courtyard watering my shrubs, etc... I caught something moving out of the corner of my eye. I thought it was a dragonfly and was going to squirt it.. .but then I realized it was a beautiful little hummingbird sucking nectar from a neighbor's flowering vines. I was just in awe!
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Did Lexi catch the humming bird yet?

The only one I've seen lately is the humming bird air freshner hanging from my boss's mirror and it's bright blue.
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I have seen many, some of the Spring/Summer residents, as well as a few on their way further north.

Broad Billed
Black Chinned
Broad Tail

Mostly we have Anna's and Broad Tailed.
If you go hiking in the hills though, you can see the occasional Caliope.
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Oooh thanks for the reminder - I need to go and get a feeder! We get lots around here and I'm sure the kitties would LOVE to watch them - and I can't wait to try photographing them!
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