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ed's day

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well, i have not been feeling the greatest the last couple of days. i even slept with mommy last night because she wanted to make me feel better. dad tried to get in bed later, but heck with him. i was tired and comfy.

mommy came home from work early today. she seemed very happy to see me. i was so excited i forgot to get down off the dining room table. oops.

then she went down to the basement and grabbed my crate. i watched her carry it upstairs and sniffed it when she got to the top of the steps. she picked me up and made me crawl inside. i am a good boy. she said so.

but then i remembered... last time i was in this thing i had to go see some stranger who poked me, well i don't want to mention where. and he stuck me with a sharp object THREE TIMES!

she carried me to the bad thing she calls a car. i hate the car. feels weird. all the time i was in the car i cried "mommy don't take me to that place. mommy don't you love me?" and she kept saying she loved me and the doctor would make me feel better. what's a doctor? is that like my treats? they make me feel better.

finally, i got so mad because she wouldn't listen. i rubbed my nose really hard on the crate door and mommy started crying. she looked really scared and started telling me to stop and calling me baby cat over and over.

well we went to this place and mommy kept talking softly to me and rubbing me nice. so i gave her the adoring eyes. good human. but then two strangers tried pulling me out of my crate. nothing doing. i hissed and swatted at one of them. she was impressed. as well she should be. i can be very scary when i want.

mommy took me out of the crate and the dark haired one held me down. the other one poked her fingers at me and sure enough, poked something "there". darn humans.

that didn't last long and then they put me on the scale. i hate the scale. my weight is my own business. i don't ask THEIR weight, do i? hmph.

i got to go to mommy's work. the people there were properly impressed with me. i sat quietly. i am a good boy. mommy said so.

but, then, i had to ride in that car thing again. i cried, but all she would say is she loved me and we were going home. i tried to slap her a few times, but she had a towel in front of my bars. for my own good? pshaw!

but now i am home. other than the pill thing she kept sticking in my mouth, i am fine. we need to talk about the pill thing. she sticks it in, i pretend to swallow it. then i spit it out. but she just keeps sticking it in again. how many times can a cat suffer this indignity? finally i swallowed it. i am a good boy. mommy told me so.
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Ed, You are a good boy. Mommy is right.
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Ed, of course you're a good boy. You should believe your mommy. I'm sorry you had to go in the car. My little boy cat Trent doesn't like the car either, he cries too no matter how much I tell him I love him. Mommy's just taking care of you the best she can. I hope you feel better soon Ed!
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Ed you are a brave boy, and the medicine will make you better. Sherlock my boy loved the car, he would try and hang his head out the window like a dog if we let him.
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Jan, thank you so much for sharing Ed's day with us! I had so much fun reading this.
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