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preg. kitten

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My neighbor has a outside kitten that is very prg. I was concidering bringing here inside when it gets time for her to deliver but I dont know how long she has been preg. is there any signs i can watch for? Evertime I open the door she has always tried to get in. But my cat does not like that to well. I am afrid that if I leave here outside all the other cats in the neighborhood will harm her or the kittens. I am planning on locking her in my basement but not sure when to do it. Any ideas would be apprisiated. Thank You
post #2 of 17 i found this link pretty helpfull. it says after week 7 they should be kept indoors, which is around the time you can feel the kittens move.
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Do you know your neighbor very well? Could you talk to them about putting the kitten inside? I'm sure she would be better off if she were let inside and watched, especially if she is just a kitten herself. If she can't go anywhere else, the basement is better than nothing, especially if there is a comfortable and warm spot down there. Good luck!
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yes i know the neighbor well they can not take kitten in house cause they have to many pets inside. my main worry is the kitten has never been to the ve, and how do I know if I bring her in house she is not carrying anything that my cat may possible get from her. Is that a high risk?
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I think it is a bit of a risk, but if she is in the basement and the other cats don't go down there, and if you wash your hands after handling her you will probably be OK. That's what I do with my rescued stray. She is in a room that the other cats don't go into and I wash my hands before and after going in there. If your neighbors don't mind you doing all the work, maybe you can take her to the vet. They might as well give her to you, though!
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ok I talked to my vet they strongly advise against it. I just feel sorry for the pour thing she is getting very mean and will not even let her brothers around her. I wish I could do something, in my area we do not have any place for stray cats and they are the most loving kittens. I guess maybe I need to stop being so soft, but my son has gotten attatched to them. The owners dont even pay attention to the I am the one who feeds them he is lucky to feed them once a day than lock them in a small shed for the night ( and its not very clean)..
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The vet advised against bringing her in?
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yes the only reason was becuse shes never been seen by a vet and never had shots said it may be a high risk for my cat. And i do not have the 70-80 they want to check her.
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I suppose it is risky. I'm going to get Rags fully vaccinated when the babies are weaned. My other cats are vaccinated, but there are some things that they aren't vaccinated against, like FIV and FIP.
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Oh this is so sad! Thank you for wanting to help this poor kitty.

Are there any rescue groups in your area? I'd do some searching to see if you can find a group that can help - maybe someone to foster her, so that she can be spayed after she has the kittens and so the kittens can be adopted out. All your neighbors need to know is that she disappeared for a little while?

If you live in the US, you can just type your zip code in the upper left hand corner to pull up organizations that may be able to help:

You can also try contacting people here:

And by looking up animals to adopt, you can sometimes find other organizations (epecially fostering organizations) at these sites: and (By seeing which orgs have animals to adopt, you can see who's involved in rescue!).

And this organization has an address you can e-mail to see if there's anyone in your area that can help: scroll down the page to find the e-mail address where you can write to ask for help:

You can also contact Alley Cat Allies to see if there's a Feral Friend in their network near you:

I hope you find an organization or someone that can help.

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Did you make clear to the vet that you were capable of keeping the pregnant kitten completely separate from your other cats? This should prevent the spread of any disease.
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I agree with others that your cats will be pretty safe if the cat is separated into the basement. If these kittens are born outside not only will they be exposed to cold and disease but also predators and the mother will most likely get pregnant again very fast and it will be a never ending cycle. I would ask a couple more vets for their advice. It's sad that a vet told you to keep a pregnant kitten outside in the elements.
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i know in the UK if you tell the vet shes a stray by law they have too treat it...
they should then find a new home etc,
probly different your end though
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well I brought her in yesterday. And today we have 5 little kittens..
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Congratulations! I'm glad the mum had a nice warm place to deliver and that her babes are safe and cozy now! Good luck to you and remember to post pics as they grow (hint hint )
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Have you given the momcat a name yet?
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