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Loosing weight

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Mogget is 6 months old now but I'm worried about her weight loss. She used to be a good eater but now she not eating her wet food and she occasionally eats her dry food. I haven't changed this, it's been the same since we got her. Now she has a runny tummy and not making it to the litter tray

She also used to be a bossy little mare but now everything frightens her. You can't go up to her now without her flinching. She does however still like to get cuddles at night.

Is it just a food thing and suggestions helpful

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A 6 month old kitten who is off her food, losing weight, exhibiting behavioral changes and having diarreah to the point of being unable to make it to her litterbox needs to be seen by the vet as soon as possible.

Good thoughts going out to Mogget - please let us know what the vet says.
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Mogget is booked in for 3.30 tomorrow so i'll keep you informed.
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So happy to hear that you are taking her to the vet. It does sound as though something is wrong and needs to be looked after.
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Originally Posted by Yosemite View Post
So happy to hear that you are taking her to the vet. It does sound as though something is wrong and needs to be looked after.
definitely keep us updated!
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Sorry for late reply.

Mogget is apparently the right weight for a 6mth old kitten weighing in at 2.5kg. Our vet is not keen on giving cats dry complete cat food as it tends to block them (this is all that Mogs will take). He did say though that he would rather she eat dry than nothing at all.

He gave her a thorough going over and said she was a healthy kitten, perhaps i just panicked as our other 2 kittens are sooo big. Its better to be safe than sorry.

As for her change in behaviour she still flinches but yesterday she curled up on my knee in the morning and went to sleep.

Cheers for your help
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Glad you got Mogget to the vet. I don't think you panicked at all - your kitten being off her food, flinching and having diarrhea were legitimate causes for concern. BTW, what did the vet say was the cause of her diarrhea? Is that resolved now? And why does he think she flinches when approached?

Cats often become "addicted" to dry food. Perhaps you can gradually transition Mogget to a different canned food. Try to find a high-quality one with no by-products or fillers like corn, rice or wheat. The simplest, basic ingredients (mostly meat) are best.

In the long run, she'll be healthier on a diet consisting mostly of canned food, or if you're willing to cook for her, fresh food.

Thanks for updating us - hope things continue to improve with your little Mogget.
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