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Jassie's chewing habits, are they unique?? It began with chewing off the tails of mice. Now, she severs any of those bouncy toys on elastic. Not to get the toys down, just to sever it, then she is finished with it. Loves wooden rulers, and magnets too! Destroys mice, until they are flat. Don't leave those around unsupervised anymore! She never chews on wires! phew! I've tried giving her chewy teething sticks for cats (even though she is not teething anymore), frozen treats, hard crunchy treats, it's not the same.
It really seems like she enjoys severing objects. ALthough, as I type this she is attempting to get a grip on the metal part of a clip board!! That wasn't very successful!
Any advice, is this normal? I wish I could give her rawhide like dogs chew on, she'd love it!!