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CONSTANT meowing!!!

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My boyfriend's cute little Persian used to be the quietest cat. And sorta solitary too. But the past couple months, he's gotten affectionate around everyone, even me. He's climbed up in my lap a couple times and nuzzled my chin, which is unheard of. But he also meows CONSTANTLY. He'll just stand there and meow. I don't think he's sick, he doesn't act sick, he just meows! Middle of the night, day, all the time! Is this normal?
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I do not know much about pedigree cats but I have one male DSH named Go who meows a lot when there are people around. I think he may actually be talking to us. There are also cats who are more vocal than average. So it must be normal.
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Some cats are just talkers.
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I bet he likes the attention it gets him. It's odd for a Persian to be a talker, but not every cat will take after the breed temperament. Maybe you rewarded his mewing by making a fuss over him, and now he knows you'll pay attention to him when he does it.
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I can't address breeds, because my Sammie is a DSH tabby, but she has learned that if she meows for me when she is looking for me or needs/wants me, I meow back and she is then happy.

Signed, happily cat-trained human.
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My Chester is a talker. He meows constantly. I just wish I knew what he was telling me.

Some mornings we have long conversations at breakfast. Unfortunately I do spoil him with treats just to get some peace.

Sometimes if I am in another room he will start meowing from wherever he is. Usually I will ask him what's wrong. Or say "come in here and tell me that".

He just walked into the room and started talking. I think this time he is saying "give me treats". He just put his paws on my leg then tapped me on the elbow. He knows I am a sucker for the paw!
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From personal experience, cats do that when they want another cat around - even if they don't like them! They need other 'ones' of their species just as we do sometimes and if you can get a friend for him, it might quiet him down a bit.
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How old is he? If he's kind of young (around a year old or so) and hasn't been neutered, then he's looking for girls and letting them know where he is. If he's older, then it could be a health problem.

All of mine are talkers. Not like a siamese I'm sure, but they are very vocal.
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If this is new behavior, he really does need a vet visit. He may be sick even if you can't see it.
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Thank you Lynda and hissy and everyone else. We'll get him to the vet. He is only maybe 3 years old, and he hasn't been neutered, so that's a good point! He does meow awfully loudly!
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My Zane is like that too; although he's just a common grey tabby in looks, I think he must have some Siamese blood somewhere.

Last night, he stood in front of his water dish and yowled. I looked, and there was plenty of water in it, but I decided that perhaps it was stale, so I leaned down to pick it up--and he bit me on the hand! I jerked my hand in reflex and dumped the water on him--I swear to Bast that I didn't mean to, but perhaps he'll learn that biting me will have consequences he won't like.
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Sounds normal. My cat talks all the time.
But considering this is a new behavior for him, a vet visit would be called for, let us know how it goes
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